Regulating Social Media Discovery

April 24, 2014

social media regulation

As we have all seen in the news, every one of the Whatsapp messages exchanged between Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend (whom he shot to death in alleged self-defense) – has become a matter of public record and scrutiny. Privacy of personal information is generally taken as a right and privilege of human existence. But,Read full story…

Implications of the Stored Communications Act

April 22, 2014

stored communication

Every American is aware of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizure. But, in 1792 when the fourth amendment was ratified, none could envision the need to address the voluntary or compelled disclosure of information stored online. For more than two decades, government bodies and the courts have struggled toRead full story…

Are You an ‘Accidental Discriminator’?

April 21, 2014


(“Originally published on SIA Staffing Stream, April 02, 2014.”) Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 went missing in transit, bringing the fear of terrorism back into the psyche of all of us while getting every informed person to spare a thought and a prayer for those on board. If and when human intervention is found to beRead full story…

Management through Mobile Technology

April 18, 2014

mobile technology

Apple is in the news, having filed a patent for technology which makes texting on the iPhone safer while walking. This only goes to prove how ubiquitous mobile phones have become in people’s lives. Reportedly, 90% of Americans own a cellphone and 58% of those are smartphones. What does this mean for businesses and theirRead full story…

OSHA’s New Recording Requirements for Temporary Workers

April 17, 2014

worker safety

In 2013, the staffing industry in America employed 3 million temporary and contract workers. In an effort to ensure the safety of the growing population of temporary workers, OSHA has launched its Temporary Worker Initiative, using a 3 pronged approach of enforcement, outreach, and training to achieve its goals. This new initiative makes both the staffing agency andRead full story…