Time for Massachusetts Employers to Revise Their Sick Leave Policies

May 22, 2015

Sick Leave Policies

The Earned Sick Time Law goes into effect in Massachusetts on July 1, 2015. The law applies to all Massachusetts employers – regardless of size – so it is time to update policies and employee handbooks. If third party vendors are handling your payroll process, you must ensure that they are prepared to comply withRead full story…

In Pursuit of Veteran Employment

May 21, 2015


More and more veterans who’ve served in the armed forces are going back to work as veteran unemployment continues to drop. The concerted efforts made over recent years to gain attention to the issue of unemployed and homeless veterans have reaped reasonable results, improving the employment status of veterans in 2014. Though a lot ofRead full story…


May 15, 2015

ardent partners

“Christopher Dwyer of Ardent Partners updates us on the state of contingent workforce management. “ Five Months In: Where are We? (A Contingent Workforce Management Industry Update) There’s no denying that the world of non-employee talent is changing, evolving and bridging into new and exciting arenas. The contemporary business, faced with a growing contingent workforce, isRead full story…

Title VII Expands Protection of All Workers from Harassment

May 14, 2015


This may sound like a routine matter, but a recent case has strengthened the position of women at work, reinforcing that all workers – including temps – who are subjected to sexual harassment by colleagues or supervisors are protected. Title VII prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex and other attributes like color, religion, ethnicityRead full story…

Gender Diversity is Good for the Bottom Line

May 8, 2015

Gender Diversity

Two recent research initiatives concluded that gender diversity can increase a company’s financial performance. Gallup examined the workforce composition and financial performance of 800 business units from two companies. They selected one company from the retail industry and another from hospitality as both sectors tend to employ a large percentage of women. In the secondRead full story…