Independent Contracting: A Classic Example of Innovation and Disruption

September 4, 2015

Independent Contracting A Classic Example of Innovation and Disruption

We all know that the way work is conducted is changing. There is a 26 percent increase in the number of remote jobs posted according to Forbes Magazine, reporting on a study that examined the job-posting histories of more than 30,000 companies last year. In other words, the option to work from home is becomingRead full story…

Infographic: The American Workforce is Changing

September 3, 2015

DCR Workforce Labor Day Workforce is Changing Infographic

Labor Day is our country’s opportunity to honor those who make a profound contribution to our economy, our communities and our nation. At DCR, we recognize that the work of every person is built on the work of another. Work connects us all. For that reason, before our celebrations start, we ask you to pauseRead full story…

NLRB’s Game Changing Decision on Joint Employment Liability

September 2, 2015


On July 31st, DCR blogged about guidance offered by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regarding a liberal definition that would qualify most temporary workers – both agency-supplied contingent workers and freelancers – as employees. These individuals would qualify for many of the benefits previously reserved for “permanent employees”. The NLRB has now gone aRead full story…

Protect Your Permanent and Temporary Workers from Workplace Violence

September 1, 2015

workplace violence

Last week’s shocking on-air murders of two television journalists in Virginia has again brought attention to the issue of workforce violence. We have posted many blogs dealing with issues associated with workplace safety. Unfortunately, as we approach Labor Day, we feel compelled to explore workforce violence in America. OSHA reports that more than 2 millionRead full story…

Free Business Apps for Independent Contractors

August 29, 2015

business apps

In breaking news today, Amazon has announced it has launched a new business model. Amazon Underground will be offering in-app items, games and apps free to its customers. This is not a short-term promotion. These apps and games previously tagged at high prices come ‘actually free’. There are no embedded charges to unlock special features.Read full story…