Joint Employer Standards May be Revised, Thanks to the NLRB

December 18, 2014


When businesses outsource; franchise or subcontract their operations to franchisees, the two operate as separate businesses. But how separate are they? Although the business may specify standards for packaging, customer service, logo, uniforms and other aspects of the business, the franchisor does not get involved in the day to day operations of the franchisee, likeRead full story…

Understanding Long Term Un-employability

December 10, 2014


During the recent recession, thousands of workers experienced long periods of unemployment.   There was little stigma attached to stating that one’s job search spanned six months or more, because everyone recognized the condition to be a reflection of economic conditions. Today, the conversation has changed. Employers acknowledge a bias against hiring individuals who have beenRead full story…

Business Necessity Cannot Extend to Past Drug Use

December 8, 2014

Business Necessity Cannot Extend to Past Drug Use

The phenomenal success of Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur was undeniable, but how many of us realize what it also protected him from! I refer to his drug use history which became public knowledge through the FBI’s recently released 191 page file on Mr. Jobs. With such a public record, I could not help butRead full story…

MSP/VMS to the Rescue in Independent Contractor Misclassifications

December 5, 2014

MSP/VMS to the Rescue in Independent Contractor Misclassifications

Misclassifying employees as independent contractors carries huge costs. When caught, employers must pay back wages, tax liabilities, retroactive employee benefits, contributions to unemployment insurance; fines and penalties. Blackwater USA and Handy are among those who learned the hard way that classifying workers as independent contractors means big trouble to businesses. Companies are liable whether theyRead full story…

DCR TrendLine December 2014

December 4, 2014

DCR TrendLine

DCR TrendLine shares analyses of trends and happenings in the staffing industry. The December issue looks to the future to provide predictions for HR in the next decade, and follows-up on our predictions of workforce trends in 2014. We’re also exploring the dynamics of the candidate-driven recruiting market, the top cities for a positive work-lifeRead full story…