The Epitome of Liberation and Independence

July 2, 2015

America Independence

Come July 4th, every American draws inspiration from the lofty ideals and courage with which 56 signatories declared themselves the Representatives of the United States of America. The Declaration also absolved America from all allegiance to the British Crown, declared them to be free and Independent States. It vested them with full powers to levyRead full story…

What if Women Make Better Managers?

July 1, 2015

Manager meeting

The world routinely laments the way women are being held back through gender-specific barriers, but trust Gallup to tell us how women can hold sway over the competition. A recent study by Gallup says employees are more engaged at work when they have a female boss at work. The difference is remarkable at 6% percentageRead full story…

Will Brazil Expand the Use of Outsourcers and Contingent Workers?

June 29, 2015

Will Brazil Expand the Use of Outsourcers and Contingent Workers?

After spending more than decade in uncertainty, Brazil is finally considering a bill (PL 4330/2004) for the adoption of a regulatory framework for outsourced work. Today, outsourcing is restricted to non-essential business functions like cleaning and transportation. With the passing of the bill, all public and private sector companies would be able to contract outRead full story…

Rethinking the Meaning of the American Dream

June 26, 2015

American Dream

When launching his campaign to become the President of America, Donald Trump talked about how “the American dream is dead”. Mr. Trump may not epitomize the American dream because he was born to wealthy parents. The American Dream is all about the belief that hard work alone is the key to success and any oneRead full story…

The High Price of Misunderstanding Independent Contractor Classification

June 25, 2015

MSP/VMS to the Rescue in Independent Contractor Misclassifications

The DCR blog has always advocated the need to be wary of potential violations when classifying workers as independent contractors. Oops! I almost said – classifying employees as independent contractors. After all, there does not seem to be much difference between the words – worker or employee; but FedEx, Uber and others are paying dearlyRead full story…