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DCR Workforce’s blog publishes thoughtful and analytical posts on industry patterns, developments and technology as well as valuable insights into today’s workplace economy and its impact on HR and Procurement trends. The posts contain information that can be practically leveraged, and imparts managers with the knowledge to evaluate and improve the outcomes of their daily professional activities.
Rehiring a Former Employee

They’re Back: Rehiring a Former Employee


A former employee shows up at their old workplace to apply for a position and HR, and the company owner feel torn. On the one hand, rehiring an ex-employee may send the message that the company is desperate and lacks standards. Furthermore, Employees may get the idea that they can just come and go as  Click for full story…

Smart Track NOW: Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution: Agile New Age Technology Is Driving “Change” by Putting People First


The workforce is becoming more fluid, technology is all around us and instant gratification and constant change is the name of the game. New technologies are the driving force behind many strategic business decisions. And you need a solution and a partner that moves as fast – or faster – than you do! But companies  Click for full story…

DCR Workforce Is a Leader in all Categories of Services Procurement

How Do We Measure Up? DCR Workforce Is a Leader in all Categories of Services Procurement


I’m thrilled to announce that DCR is recognized as a leader in service procurement providers by Forrester Research, Inc., an industry-leading global research organization in “The Forrester WaveTM: Services Procurement, Q1 2017” that was recently released. How is it measured? Forrester uses three data sources to assess each solution’s strengths and weaknesses: vendor surveys as  Click for full story…

A Day in the Life of the DCR Accounting Team

So, What Is It That You DO All Day? A Day in the Life of the DCR Accounting Team


Remember that classic 1983 movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd where they step into each other’s shoes as part of an elaborate scheme? Well, we thought it would be fun to step into the lives of our employees and give you a glimpse into what they DO all day. This month, we’re  Click for full story…