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DCR Workforce’s blog publishes thoughtful and analytical posts on industry patterns and developments as well as valuable insights into today’s workplace economy and its impact on HR trends. The posts contain information that can be practically leveraged, and imparts managers with the knowledge to evaluate and improve the outcomes of their daily professional activities.
Making Our Mark on Make A Difference Day

Making Our Mark on Make A Difference Day


Make A Difference Day pulls people together to perform community service all across the nation to help build better lives. Get involved in a walk for breast cancer. Paint a treatment facility. Repair a fence at a horse rescue. These are just a few projects you can participate in on Make A Difference Day. On  Click for full story…

business intelligence and analytics

User-driven Business Intelligence Begins with Smart Track – Be Data Informed


Do you collect a lot of data and look at a lot of dashboards, wondering what insights they provide and what decisions can be based off of all of that information? Do you understand the underlying data mining models and data requirements? Do you believe that data gives you a competitive advantage and, if so,  Click for full story…

Listen Up! DCR + Ardent Partners Partner on Webinar to Help You Adapt to the New World of Work


Learn how to adapt to a new world of work with DCR + Ardent Partners’ on our free webinar. The world of work is morphing into a gig-centered economy – and if you’re not adapting, you’re going to fall behind and potentially allow your competitors to get the upper hand. Help is right around the  Click for full story…

vendor neutral vms

Playing by the Rules: Smart Track’s Collaboration Module Allows Complete Vendor Neutrality


Vendor neutrality eliminates hiring biases. The Collaboration Module in Smart Track provides communication within a completely vendor neutral forum. Let’s say you and I are friends. You’re the hiring manager and I’m the supplier. I submit a candidate to you, and you also receive a candidate from another supplier. The candidates are similar in qualifications,  Click for full story…

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