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DCR Workforce’s blog publishes thoughtful and analytical posts on industry patterns and developments as well as valuable insights into today’s workplace economy and its impact on HR trends. The posts contain information that can be practically leveraged, and imparts managers with the knowledge to evaluate and improve the outcomes of their daily professional activities.

Women’s Equality: Neither Pipe Dream nor Fait Accompli


This Women’s Equality Day, a review of their unequal status in society as a whole and their unsuccessful struggle against gender inequality in the workplace. Women were not allowed to take part in ancient Olympics, except by entering the horses they owned into a race. Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), continued  Click for full story…

machine learning and the hiring process

Mr. Fix-it: Fixing the Broken Hiring Process with Prescriptive Analytics and Machine Learning


When I was growing up, every neighborhood had a Mr. Fix-it type of guy (back then it was usually guys; dads more specifically). Ours was my best friend’s dad. If something was broken, he could find the trouble spots and fix them. We brought him our toys and bikes, mostly. He could build things from  Click for full story…

manage your sow project with vms

Manage Complex Global SOW Projects with Ease with the Chameleon of VMSs


A Statement of Work (SOW) project lays the foundation of the relationship between buyers and sellers, and requires skill, strategy and practicality to be effective as contracts. As SOW contracts get increasingly useful – thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the need for specialized skills in a talent-starved job market – companies are embracing  Click for full story…

Lucas Santos

So, What Is It That You DO All Day? A Day in the Life of the DCR Business Intelligence Team


Remember that classic 1983 movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd where they step into each other’s shoes as part of an elaborate scheme? Well, we thought it would be fun to step into the lives of our employees and give you a glimpse into what they DO all day. This month, we’re  Click for full story…

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