DCR TrendLine September 2014

August 30, 2014

DCR Trendline

DCR TrendLine shares analyses of trends and happenings in the staffing industry. The September edition covers a range of topics, including the latest employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and worker satisfaction with their wages. This month’s edition focuses on some topics gaining a lot of attention lately such as workplace flexibility, theRead full story…

Dare we Trust our Processes to the Cloud?

August 29, 2014

cloud computing

On August 14th, many development teams which relied on Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online to manage their complex project deliveries must have groaned ‘Nightmares are made of this!’ when the service suffered more than a 5 hour outage. The unprecedented blackout (though followed by acandid apology and explanation from Microsoft) once again brings the very conceptRead full story…

Get your Staffing Company to Accept your MSP/VMS Program

August 29, 2014

vms msp program

As America is considering adding a 51st star to the Star – Spangled Banner and the United Kingdom is possibly on the verge of losing Scotland post a referendum on the issue; one point is clearly established. Territorial reorganization can happen without war when we give due importance to people’s choice. It matters. When itRead full story…

Is Your Approach Toward Women Undermining Workplace Diversity?

August 22, 2014

Ask any CEO of a major company to rate the importance of having a diverse workforce, and you are most likely going to hear that diversity is “critically important”. The CEO might then speak of their diversity program, and indicated the percentage of employees who qualify as minorities. Yet diversity is not merely a numbersRead full story…

When it Comes to MSP/VMS Implementations, Planning is Everything!

August 22, 2014

Planning is Everything

Ask any Procurement officer who has ever gone out to bid for a Managed Services Program (MSP) and/or Vendor Management System (VMS) about the experience, and you will most likely hear words like “due diligence” or “comprehensive”. What this translates into is a lengthy process in which a group of potential vendors answer hundreds ofRead full story…