California’s Staffing Buyer Bill

October 16, 2014

staffing law

Yes, once again we are blogging about California’s employment regulations. That’s because California often leads the nation in groundbreaking legislation to protect the rights of workers. Last Month, Governor Jerry Brown passed the Staffing Buyer bill AB 1897 into law. Every company using non-traditional employees needs to be aware of its legal implications to theirRead full story…

Compliance Check List for California Employers–1

October 15, 2014

california law

In this blog, we often talk about the new laws enacted by the various states in America, and California stands apart in the number of employment-related bills enacted by it. Many of these laws take effect on the 1st of January 2015. Here is a quick summary of California’s latest legislation that employers must prepareRead full story…

Special Features Enhance a VMS’s Macro-Capabilities

October 9, 2014

vms capabilities

Recently, a colleague mentioned how he heard someone stating that VMS programs fail to provide desirable results when they try to be all things to all companies. But, I find the logic convoluted and insupportable. Will a doctor with a super-specialty in Oncology forget the basics of how the human body functions? One should thinkRead full story…

OSH Act Proposes Improved Protections to Whistleblowers

October 7, 2014


Stericycle Inc. was recently judged to be in violation of OSHA’s protections to whistleblowers. The ruling refers to the termination of a transportation supervisor for raising safety concerns regarding operating a trailer without a valid license plate. Back wages and damages payable to the employee amounted to $261,787, along with instructions to reinstate the employeeRead full story…

Paid Sick Leave for Healthy Workplaces

October 6, 2014

paid sick leave

Officially, America has no paid sick leave. This fact is stated in no uncertain terms on the website of the Department of Labor itself. So, why do we keep talking about this and making an issue of it? In reality, 61% of workers in America enjoy paid sick leave because employers voluntarily offer it toRead full story…