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DCR’s 2017 Product Roadmap

DCR’s 2017 Product Roadmap Unveiled: Anticipate Seismic Shifts in the VMS Industry


February 21, 2017

Last year proved to be a remarkable year for our clients as we fulfilled our promise to build a future-forward VMS. We expect 2017 to be even more incredible because we’re planning to send tremors through the Vendor Management System (VMS) industry as we continue to concentrate on bringing innovations to the marketplace. As part  Click for full story…

SIG Innovations in VMS Technology Series – Analytics, Mobile and Preferred Talent

SIG Innovations in VMS Technology Series – Analytics, Mobile and Preferred Talent


November 2, 2016

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a six-part series dedicated to the Sourcing Industry Group’s report, “Innovations in Vendor Management Systems Technology 2016”, which is sponsored in part by DCR. References in italics are taken directly from the SIG report along with the corresponding page number. Given the acceleration of global business in the  Click for full story…

end gender discrimination against women

Pledge to End Gender Discrimination against Women


March 8, 2016

In 2012, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl on her way to school was shot at point-blank range by a militant group, which wanted to punish her for standing up for the rights of women to education! This horrific incident may have won Malala Yousafzai, who miraculously survived the dastardly attack, a great deal of international recognition  Click for full story…

Peering into the Future with a Crystal Ball and Creating Magic with Ruby Slippers


February 4, 2016

A VMS with built-in predictive analytics is better than a crystal ball to foresee future needs Do you remember the part in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy looked into a fuzzy crystal ball and saw Auntie Em? Dorothy went through many trials and tribulations before she finally figures out that she had the power  Click for full story…