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Being More Empathetic with Employees

Listen Up, Leaders! Being More Empathetic with Employees Pays Off


March 22, 2017

The greatest asset any company can have are its employees. And it’s no secret that people are complicated. We all have a lot going on, and being cooperative with each other can be difficult at times. Yet we all have to collaborate with each other to produce the best results to benefit our company. For  Click for full story…

how to make an awesome resume

Not Your Father’s Resume: How to Create a Resume that Gets Results


December 21, 2016

Recently, I came across a resume that was so beautiful…it looked more like a wedding invitation than a resume. It had detailed, colorful flowers cascading down from the top left corner, a stylish font and a very clean, modern presentation of the person’s work experience and education. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, and  Click for full story…

How “Human” are today’s High-tech HR Skills?

How “Human” are today’s High-tech HR Skills?


December 16, 2016

Concepts such as employee loyalty and allegiance to one’s organization have long since become just that, concepts! HR technology is definitely not the only reason for this, but care must be taken to ensure that it doesn’t exacerbate the conditions that are dividing the fragile bond between employer and employees. Attractive pay packages alone cannot  Click for full story…

creative recruiting ideas

Recruitment Methods that Help Attract the Right Skills


November 15, 2016

Consider this: When you’re hiring a candidate, would you prefer someone who already knows the ropes and can quickly move in and become productive, through minor adjustments to their earlier knowledge and experience? Or would you be comfortable with someone who has to learn the ropes from the word ‘Go’ and become proficient, given time  Click for full story…