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International Women’s Day

Celebrating the International Women’s Day


March 8, 2017

The International Women’s Day comes around every March 8th. The question is, is it just a token occasion or is it a real celebration, and if it’s a celebration, what exactly are we celebrating? I would say it is a celebration of the fact that the many regions of the world recognize the fact that  Click for full story…

characteristics of millennials

Millennials as Free Agents


March 7, 2017

Working with and managing millennials (currently those aged between the ages of 18-34) is considered a downright challenge, even as their numbers catch up with and exceed that of baby boomers (currently those between the ages of 51-69). Millennials now represent more than one-half of the workforce at any business. Not only are they are  Click for full story…

predictive analytics tools

Groundhog Day vs. the Power of Predictive Analytics


February 2, 2017

Today is anointed as Groundhog Day, and the country waits on Punxsutawney Phil to see if winter will continue for six more weeks or not. If it’s cloudy when Phil makes an appearance from his burrow, the spring season is expected to arrive early; if it’s sunny and he sees his shadow and retreats back into his  Click for full story…

Gig Economy Policy Questions for Our New Administration

Gig Economy Policy Questions for Our New Administration


January 20, 2017

With the changes at the helm of the country, those of us who are heavily invested in the workings of the contingent workforce industry are understandably keen to estimate what policy changes can be expected from the new administration which has promised to produce many jobs. We’re bursting with a number of questions, and would  Click for full story…