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wioa summary

Open Sesame: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 2015 to Bridge the Skills Gap and Bring in Opportunities


November 21, 2016

The final regulations of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2015 (WIOA) were passed recently. The Act creates a single funding stream for job training programs under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA), which also amends the Wagner-Peyser Act and the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, and reauthorizes adult-education programs and programs  Click for full story…

Halloween Trends: Are You a Halloween Traditionalist or Trendsetter?

Halloween Trends: Are You a Halloween Traditionalist or Trendsetter?


October 31, 2016

Halloween trends are getting wilder – from pineapples to trees. If you celebrate Halloween, you may have noticed that some of the more “traditional” aspects have been slowly changing over the years. Here’s a quick rundown of those changes: Traditionalist Go to a pumpkin patch and choose a pumpkin Carve said pumpkin by hand into  Click for full story…

eco friendly office tips

Is the Pasture Greener on the Other Side? How to Have an Eco-Friendly Office


October 13, 2016

Going green is a must in this day and age, and our place of work should not be left behind. To me, living in Florida means palm trees that sway in the evening breeze, beaches with beautiful turquoise-colored water and bright tropical flowers such as the magenta bougainvillea that grows around my neighbor’s door. However,  Click for full story…

the importance of cyber security

Are You Hacker-proof? October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month


October 3, 2016

Today’s world is more interconnected than ever with the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced mobile devices including smart watches and other connected devices. Yet, for all its advantages, increased connectivity brings the disadvantage of increased risk of theft, fraud and abuse. The days of dumpster diving to steal identities is over. But the criminals haven’t  Click for full story…