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enforcing workplace safety precautions

Prioritizing Workplace Safety – What if Workers themselves Resist or Reject the Precautions?


September 19, 2016

Safety is really about attitude. Not everyone wants to wear that helmet or mask, those gloves and definitely not that protective clothing! They are confident in their abilities to play with fire, acids or whatever it is that they are supposed to need protection from, like wimps! These attitudes are basically habits formed over the  Click for full story…

contingent workforce management best practices

Building Blocks – Best Practices for Managing Contingent Workers in Manufacturing


September 16, 2016

Manufacturing is one of those evolving sectors facing skills gaps which is dependent on contingent workers to fulfill some of its resource needs. The pace at which technology changes causes a lag between education and labor market requirements in some sectors including the manufacturing sector. Gone are the days of repetitive assembly jobs with their  Click for full story…

uber drivers and the gig economy

Uber: Driving the Gig Economy Up, Up and UP


August 19, 2016

The contingent workforce consists of different types of non-employees like agency temp workers, contract company workers, independent contractors, self-employed individuals, standard part-time workers and on-demand workforce. In today’s job market they make up the majority of a company’s workforce in some sectors, as they form a part of a business strategy that focuses on increased  Click for full story…

Is Healthcare Proving Really Affordable in the US?


July 25, 2016

Under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), the number of hospitalizations for the non-elderly adults stayed essentially at the same level over a three-year study conducted in Michigan by the University of Michigan. There was also a significant drop in the number of uninsured patients seeking treatment at hospitals making them worry a lot less  Click for full story…