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DCR Workforce’s blog publishes thoughtful and analytical posts on industry patterns, developments and technology as well as valuable insights into today’s workplace economy and its impact on HR and Procurement trends. The posts contain information that can be practically leveraged, and imparts managers with the knowledge to evaluate and improve the outcomes of their daily professional activities.
How to Decide Whether to Internally Manage Your MSP Program

To Manage or Not to Manage, That is the Question: How to Decide Whether to Internally Manage Your MSP Program


If you feel challenged by the need to select a Managed Services Provider (MSP) along with your Vendor Management System, you’re not alone. The whole lengthy exercise of vetting various vendors to assess their capabilities, watching their presentations and demos and checking out the references they provided could all prove worthwhile when you need to  Click for full story…

distribution of workload

Giving the Workhorse a Break: Distribute the Work for Balance on Your Team


They say that your company is only as good as your best employees. Hence, these over-achieving individuals will naturally be the most overly utilized.  The overutilization of exceptional individuals is predictable, yet only temporarily beneficial to the company. We know that managers are always in a bind and work has to be done properly, which  Click for full story…

closing the skills gap

No Employee Left Behind: Closing the Skills Gap inside Your Company


Every CEO desires an army of capable and skilled employees who can produce outstanding work. Yet in reality, companies have a “mixed bag” of employees with varied skill levels. Research further suggests that a very small percentage of the workforce is skilled enough to handle their workload. And to add fuel to the fire, technology’s  Click for full story…

predictive analytics tools

Groundhog Day vs. the Power of Predictive Analytics


Today is anointed as Groundhog Day, and the country waits on Punxsutawney Phil to see if winter will continue for six more weeks or not. If it’s cloudy when Phil makes an appearance from his burrow, the spring season is expected to arrive early; if it’s sunny and he sees his shadow and retreats back into his  Click for full story…