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Attention! DCR Salutes All Who Serve on Veterans Day


I signed up as a Marine when Afghanistan was heating up in 2006. It was a perilous time, and I knew that going in; but it was imperative that I serve my country. Like many others, I followed in the footsteps of others in my family. In fact, my grandfather served in both theaters during World War II.

My fellow DCRer, Eric Wilcoxen, enlisted in the National Guard. He also continued a family tradition as he followed behind his father and uncle. His mother, Bobbie Wilcoxen, volunteered for five years helping military families as a Family Readiness Group Chairperson with the Indiana National Guard. To service members, the military is family and family is the military.

DCR’s Veterans Program

Coming out of the military, it was very easy to transition into working as an On-Site at Lockheed Martin. Defense has always been a passion of mine, and it’s been wonderful how supportive DCR has been for its partners in defense.

As a veteran, I’m proud to work for an organization that prioritizes goals and objectives to support service members through a formal Veterans Program. The transition to civilian life was a perfect fit for me because DCR and the Marine Corps share the same core values: Honor, Courage and Commitment.

“Integrity is also a critical value when lives depend on you,” said Eric, “And that translates to the workforce as a civilian. I found it was easy to find a civilian job due to the skills I learned in active duty.”

DCR is extremely proactive in recruiting veterans, and encourages companies hiring veterans. “People coming out of the military are some of the most prepared individuals in the market these days,” said Bobbie. “They have up-to-date skills such as communication proficiency, are well-versed in leadership from leading units and platoons and are extremely disciplined.”

A special salute

On Veterans Day, we’d like to salute all our military here and aboard, active or retired. We know the choices you make on a daily – and sometimes minute-by-minute – basis give others the freedom to go about our day without giving much thought to the true price of freedom.

We respect your sacrifices. We honor your duty. We have not forgotten about you. Freedom isn’t free. And we thank you and your families for paying the price.

Support and honor

Along with creating a formalized Veterans Program to hire those who have served in the Armed Forces, as a civilian you can get involved by donating your time, talents and treasures to organizations who aid and honor veterans and their families, which is a great way to show your support today and throughout the year. There are many ways to get involved.

Take a look into the lives of our veterans and volunteers here:

And in case you missed it, here’s more information on DCR’s Veterans Program.

Semper Fi!

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Jeremy has worn many hats at DCR from on-site to customer programs manager to training programs developer and now supports the implementation team. In his spare time, he likes to golf, watch football and write music. A former Marine Corporal, he’s passionate about working with the defense industry, and lives by the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.