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These are the Faces of Today’s Veterans


November 10, 2015

Each Veteran’s Day, we are flooded with stories regarding American veterans. Some are heartwarming, others heart breaking, and we even hear stories – such as the NFL profiting on their promotion of veteran affairs – that infuriate us. While each of these stories are important, we must remember that Veterans Day is also about the  Click for full story…

Is Your Vendor Management System a Stovepipe System?


November 8, 2015

In the computer and engineering world, a “stovepipe system” is a term applied to applications that could – and should – share data with other systems, but do not. If your goal is to achieve total talent management, but your vendor management system is a “stovepipe”, then the old adage, “Can’t get there from here”  Click for full story…

Contingent Work is the Option of Many Baby Boomers


October 1, 2015

Nearly three years ago, the DCR blog explored the role that baby boomers play in the U.S. workforce. The term ‘baby boomers’ refers to those born between 1946 to1964. At that time, as the country slowly emerged from the recession, many baby boomers were struggling to find employment after losing permanent positions. Many indicated that  Click for full story…

Don’t Conduct Exit Interviews With Contingent Workers


September 30, 2015

When an employee’s tenure comes to an end we conduct exit interviews. This is an accepted practice – in fact, most would say that it’s a best practice. But when it comes to contingent workers, an exit interview can actually have damaging results. An exit interview, by definition, marks the end of a relationship. As  Click for full story…