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Hurricane Irma Devastates Florida but Does Not Interrupt DCR’s Operations, Payroll


September 22, 2017

On the heels of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma came crashing through Florida, affecting millions more. With many areas under mandatory evacuations, several employees left their homes, fleeing to stay with relatives in other parts of the state or even the country. I was one of those who remained at home and hunkered down  Click for full story…

The Case for VMS Integrations with DCR’s Smart Track


March 23, 2017

Client expectations are paramount at DCR – it’s why we live and breathe – and our integrations with other systems are no exception. We pride ourselves on the ability to integrate Smart Track, our Vendor Management System (VMS), with any other system, large or small, and haven’t met a technology yet that we weren’t able  Click for full story…

Advanced VMS Users Require Enhanced Change Management Practices

A Smooth Transition: Advanced VMS Users Require Enhanced Change Management Practices


January 25, 2017

You know the drill. Upper management announces that an integral business system is changing. Even though the users may have complained about the old system or it didn’t meet your business objectives any longer, it was familiar. Like a comfortable, old sweater, users just turned to it and took certain actions in the systems, often  Click for full story…

Under-the-Gun or On-the-Run? Smart Track Mobile is Anywhere You Are!


July 20, 2016

Gone are the days when you had to leave work for a family emergency and the work didn’t get done because the important tasks were left hanging until you returned. What about payroll? Onboarding that great worker? Approving expenses? Maybe you work from the floor of a manufacturing plant and you have to run back-and-forth  Click for full story…