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Baked-in Security – Data Security, the Cloud and Smart Track VMS

With a new data breach around seemingly every corner, is your data safe in the cloud?

Every time you turn around, another major company is announcing a data breach. Most recently, it was Wendy’s. Often it seems that the hackers are out for blood…or at least identities. So with all of this news, how do you know if your corporate data is safe in your Vendor Management System (VMS)?

It depends. Is your data stored in the cloud or an older in-house data server? And do you know the difference? I hope you’re not like Rocky Balboa in the movie “Creed” when he finally caves in to Apollo Creed’s son, Donnie, for some training advice. After Rocky writes down the workout, Donnie snaps a picture of it and hands the paper back to Rocky, who questions him why he isn’t taking the paper in case he loses his phone. Donnie replies, “It’s already in the cloud.” Rocky looks up at the sky and says, “What cloud? What cloud??”

I know most people are not that ignorant, but how much do you really know about the major differences when it comes to a cloud-hosted VMS in comparison to an in-house server VMS?

Good news, bad news

The good news is if your VMS provider runs on a cloud-hosted platform such as AWS through Amazon or a similar service, you are protected with a secure service by a company that has security as one of its core competencies.

The bad news is there will always be a way to hack into servers whether they’re cloud-based or not. But the providers whose VMS runs in the cloud have more expertise behind them because it’s the host’s core business, not ancillary.

Secure platform with baked-in security

Amazon’s AWS platform is what we at DCR use for Smart Track. The AWS infrastructure has some baked-in security:  It offers a robust, secure infrastructure including setting up access management, securing data and logging all activity.

Additionally, properly securing data through encryption while in transit and at rest is another way to protect data. Another good practice is to secure the keys with tamper-proof storage to prevent any person with physical access from copying them.

By working with AWS, our IT team focuses on building fundamentals such as network security, access control and visibility to automate and enforce security policies at DCR and with our clients, to ensure we stay a step ahead of any potential threats.

If you want to dig deeper into how Smart Track works with AWS to provide top-level security for your data (as well as other amazing benefits due to the flexibility, speed-to-market and agility), check out our latest white paper, Standing Guard: Cyber Security and the Growing Wave of Cloud Computing” where we take a deep dive into the world of cloud computing and cyber security.

What are your cyber security concerns?

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