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Best Practices in Social Recruitment

While some swear by the efficacy of social media in providing value to recruiters and employers, others find it overvalued and requiring of enormous effort and caution for it to be of any real use! Many of the relationships formed online are of little or no value to people in their professional lives and some of them have started grudging the time they spend on these networks on a daily basis, though they cannot bring themselves to delete that account and wipe out the record. But, it is early days yet to conclude anything and there is still a lot of enthusiasm and fanfare and it is better to keep an open mind and see how things are going to evolve. It is important t also remember that recruiters need to connect with people, whether closely or casually, and social media totally serve that specific purpose. So, keep at it and post any opportunities on the different forums and networks.

Adopt some of these Best Practices:

With most social media, a personal touch goes a long way to create the required trust and to achieve this, companies are enlisting employees to provide that additional impetus to their focused efforts to create talent pipeline for recruitment using social media. Companies are adopting some of the best practices detailed below to ensure the success of such efforts.

Set Goals: At the outset, establish what defines the success of the program with specific targets and goals to achieve, and have the team know the minimum standards that need to be met.

Participate in Various Forums: Employees also help through connecting with others on talent communities and establishing links and using them to source candidates.

Initiate Social Media Programs: This needs us to invest big money; time and effort in good measure unless third party support is enlisted to raise visibility using SEO methods and have a multi-pronged campaign which works as an advertisement also to reap benefits in recruitment as well as marketing. This must be handles as any other serious business initiative using a project management approach.

Get employees to tweet: Imagine you were shopping on eBay and found a listing which promises a great product – but, 7 out of 10 reviews say – yeah, maybe the product is that good, but it was not of much use to me and thank heavens for their return policy! Chances are high that you will quit without making that purchase. Similarly, if a Company’s Facebook or Twitter page says they are God’s Gift to all Jobseekers – it may not have as much credibility as the tweet of an employee saying good things about the workplace and employee experience.

Differentiate yourself: Use the social media to drive home the point about your unique and special work culture and the value proposition offered by you to your employees. Understand what a candidate seeks and offer it in unequivocal terms, to boost your attractiveness to the eligible candidates.

Establish Connections: See that the social media connections are established and trained resources are put in place to provide timely responses to the audience creating trust and offering dependability. Let the team support each other and share tips and approaches to handling different interactions to create a positive candidate experience.

Be Patient: The results of such campaigns do not appear overnight, so it is impossible to expect results in a hurry. It is possible that some of the initial efforts will result in failure. It only means that it is necessary to have patience and fine-tune the efforts until success comes – slowly but surely. It is necessary to not only support the team but also motivate them to make concerted efforts against all odds by staying focused on the target.

It is important for us to recognize at the outset that the millions registered on the various Social Media are all not ripe as plums ready for the plucking by the first recruiter who sets the processes in place to tap into them. Only a minuscule percentage of them will be really suit your specific needs and then, only a fraction of them may reciprocate the interest evinced in them by you. The painstaking effort behind this method of sourcing talent becomes really worthwhile when you are able to establish a talent pipeline which steadily supplies you with suitable candidates who self-select to become your employees either because they got referred by someone or they themselves stumbled across your recruitment page and liked what they saw. Till then, happy hunting and do keep at it.

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