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How to Tell a Bluff: Make VMS Providers Lay Their Cards on the Table

When you watch professional poker players, you’ll see many of them wear baseball caps and sunglasses. Why is that?

It’s because when you watch someone long enough they have what’s known as a “tell” or a sign that reveals or divulges something secret or private – in other words, even the best card sharks do something automatically to show if their hand is good or bad. So they wear hats and glasses to keep from showing it to their competitors while they’re betting…and bluffing.

Sometimes looking at business services can be like a giant poker game. No one wants to tell what they have and sometimes the players are bluffing.

At DCR, we’re known for playing straight and having some of the most innovative features in the industry – real features, not just workarounds to “say” that we offer a functionality because our competition does. Here are a few of the value-added features our clients love:

Do-it-yourself Vendor Tool Kit – DCR’s Vendor Tool Kit allows suppliers to integrate Smart Track with their internal systems such as payroll, ATS, reporting and more. This type of functionality really delivers value for suppliers who want to access everything with a single sign-on and have all of the information from Smart Track, along with their internal systems, at their fingertips.

Vendor-neutral Collaboration Module – Smart Track’s Collaboration Module provides a user-friendly chat platform for job details between hiring manager and supplier. Inside the Collaboration Module, you can invite suppliers to discuss a particular requirement in a truly vendor neutral relationship.

In other words, it works similar to social media chat rooms between hiring managers and works as a “strictly business” question/detail opportunity for the supplier. That way, the supplier is incentivized to only ask questions to improve the submission quality of candidates to a job opening, zoning in on the exact type of worker or detail that may benefit your company.

The Collaboration Module has different functionality based on rights and roles assigned to the type of user. For example, the program administrator and hiring manager see the identities of all parties in the chat discussion, but the supplier only sees the randomly generated aliases assigned to both the program administrator and hiring manager for this discussion. Also, although the supplier may view the ongoing discussion, they cannot participate unless they ask permission, which is done by using the Raise Hand feature. Once acknowledged, the supplier can participate in the discussion; however, if either the program administrator or the hiring manager feel the supplier no longer belongs in the discussion, they can remove them from the session.

Industry’s only genuine SOW Module –
Smart Track offers the industry’s only true Statement of Work capability to give you complete control over your project work.

DCR’s SOW Module allows you to move workers between projects or overlap on multiple projects without double-dipping. Every aspect is viewable and trackable, even non-billables, funds are allocated properly and your budget and spend are managed and tracked how they should be.

You can set up milestones and payment schedules based on them for fixed-price contracts. It lays down a lot of clearly defined terms and conditions, specifying the expectations for each phase of the project in perfect detail, and can incorporate universal time, language and monetary systems for onshore and offshore resources with different rates, engagements and compliance – something a simplistic VMS just can’t handle properly.

Full-featured Smart Track Mobile – Smart Track Mobile is designed for on-the-go management, and our app offers all of the benefits of Smart Track on your iPhone or Android handheld device.

Smart Track Mobile is a wholly functional, full-featured system that’s synced with the web-based system and has functionality for a single sign-on. It offers the ultimate in access without losing any of the great features Smart Track is known for.

It was important for us to create a seamless experience for our customers, so one of the best elements of Smart Track Mobile is the user experience. DCR provides an identical experience across all devices, so you don’t have to learn a new system or different way of doing things for each device.

This type of functionality is ideal for managers and contractors in a manufacturing environment who work on a shop floor and may not have access to a PC.

Suppliers can also log in and check statues, submit timecards and handle all the details from their end in the exact same manner as if they were on a desktop computer.

The ability to approve items on-the-go has been one of the key features we’ve received kudos on from our clients. This is not only a huge time-saver for you, but it totally provides a frustration-free experience!

No need to look for a “tell”

At DCR, you don’t need to watch for a “tell” because we lay our cards on the table so you know exactly what you’re getting. After all, the stakes are high!

Have you experienced disappointment when investing in a large business purchase because someone said they offered something they didn’t really have? Tell us about it in the comments.

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