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Bridging the Procurement and HR Gap: Ardent Partners’ CWM Strategy Guide Available Now

As the next wave of contingent labor and talent engagement heads our way with ever-increasing numbers of workers to manage, departments butt heads over their business objectives, but it’s high time we learn to work together and shift our thinking to the overall business needs. It’s time to craft a strategic talent transformation and Ardent Partners’ latest report, underwritten in part by DCR, shows you how to create a blueprint to do exactly that.

When you’re facing sourcing, onboarding, managing and offboarding an entire league of non-employees, anticipated to make up nearly half the workforce in 2020, whose rules and regulations are vastly different from in-house employees – you need a strong strategy in place.

To begin shaping a future-forward Contingent Workforce Management strategy that encompasses innovation, spend management and people, with Vendor Management Systems (VMS) technology at the forefront of bringing it all together, new approached must be collaborated on so as a group we bridge that “great divide” between the procurement and human resources functions.

Ardent Partner’s research brings to light the impact that each silo has in terms of goals, strengths and weaknesses, as well as how a collaborative approach provides the solution to Total Workforce Management.

It highlights a three-tiered approach for creating a best-in-class blueprint for cultivating collaboration, inspiring innovation and fast-tracking future-forward strategies to encapsulate short-term goals with long-term successes.

We must all begin developing a multi-faceted approach to look at the entire talent ecosystem in regard to outsourced labor pool management in its totality, versus departmentally, and how it effects the organization as a whole. This is especially imperative with Statement of Work (SOW) based project management, due to the sheer size, complexity, levels and globalization required for management.

When we all work together, we can conquer the things that are seemingly keeping us separated. There are numerous benefits to collaboration and this report shows you exactly how to build a blueprint to rectify the departmental tug-of-war.

Inside this strategic guide you’ll learn:

  • What are the motivating factors of procurement and HR
  • How the misalignment of goals affects the company
  • How dated and legacy systems can lead to negative outcomes
  • Why collaborating can lead to dynamic programs
  • Why SOW and globalization are hot topics in the HR sphere
  • Why you need holistic Total Workforce Management
  • How to develop a strategic three-tiered Best-in-Class Blueprint by
    • Bridging the gap
    • Building toward TWM
    • Transforming with tech, innovation and integration

Part of the strategic force lies in embracing a best-in-class Vendor Management System that can handle all of your contingent workforce needs such as Smart Track. Investing in the latest technology with innovative features, complete visibility for all departments and SOW management can help you bridge the gap between procurement and HR functions.

Download “The 2016 Contingent Workforce Management Strategy Guide: Conquering the Great Divide Between Procurement and HR,” to recognize how:

  • The Great Divide between procurement and HR results in negative business ramifications
  • Procurement and HR collaboration can dynamically address Total Workforce Management
  • Developing a three-tiered Best-in-Class Blueprint can cultivate strategic, long-term success

If not bridged, the great divide will certainly widen, creating more challenges and strife within your organization.

Grab this industry report and start building your Best-in-Class Blueprint today!

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