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Four Ways to Improve Your Services Procurement Strategy


January 4, 2018

Most companies today already enjoy well-established procurement strategies yielding varying levels of results. However, there are a few successful themes that strong procurement organizations share which are tried-and-true. Building your procurement strategy around these four core themes is almost guaranteed to drive the results sought by those tasked with sourcing and engaging contingent workforce resources.  Click for full story…

Is Your SOW Project a Blessing or a Blind Spot?

Is Your SOW Project a Blessing or a Blind Spot?


September 6, 2016

Are you aware that it’s estimated that more than half of all Statement of Work (SOW) projects are never fully completed? Or that of those that are completed, many are not considered successful? What a drain on company resources. SOW projects can be a blessing or a blind spot for your organization. How can you  Click for full story…

manage your sow project with vms

Manage Complex Global SOW Projects with Ease with the Chameleon of VMSs


August 24, 2016

A Statement of Work (SOW) project lays the foundation of the relationship between buyers and sellers, and requires skill, strategy and practicality to be effective as contracts. As SOW contracts get increasingly useful – thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the need for specialized skills in a talent-starved job market – companies are embracing  Click for full story…

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Turbocharged: Can You Ace Your SOW Project Management Using Your VMS?


June 15, 2016

Does your organization contract out complex and expensive projects using Statement of Work (SOW) contracts? If so, are you required to manage the human resources required for the project? Do you also monitor their execution of the project, meeting its deadlines and deliverables in a timely fashion, while keeping to the expected parameters on its  Click for full story…