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International Women’s Day

Celebrating the International Women’s Day


March 8, 2017

The International Women’s Day comes around every March 8th. The question is, is it just a token occasion or is it a real celebration, and if it’s a celebration, what exactly are we celebrating? I would say it is a celebration of the fact that the many regions of the world recognize the fact that  Click for full story…

characteristics of millennials

Millennials as Free Agents


March 7, 2017

Working with and managing millennials (currently those aged between the ages of 18-34) is considered a downright challenge, even as their numbers catch up with and exceed that of baby boomers (currently those between the ages of 51-69). Millennials now represent more than one-half of the workforce at any business. Not only are they are  Click for full story…

hiring retirees

Should You Include Retirees in Your Directly Sourced Talent Pools?


February 24, 2017

Aging is inevitable, and none of us is immune to its effects. Every one of us is inching close to that retiree line and, no matter what you determine as your cutoff age, we will get there sooner or later. Yet full retirement is a luxury afforded to a select few, in these days of  Click for full story…

Health Coverage in the Gig Economy

Cough, Cough…Health Coverage in the Gig Economy


January 3, 2017

An increasing number of jobs in the economy are going the “gig” way, as companies move to contingent workforce programs engaging agency temps, on-call workers, contractors, part-time workers and freelancers as workers prefer the work-life balance often offered by gig work. According to the Freelancers Union study approximately 53 million Americans, or 34% of the  Click for full story…