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Join Our Webinar: Mid-market Companies Realize One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes to Extended Workforce Management


June 15, 2017

I always get a kick out of clothing tags that say One Size Fits All. What a bunch of baloney. One Size does not even fit “Most”, let alone “All”. So why should your technology solution be any different? After all, if something was designed for enterprise-level companies, that comes with a numerous layers, complex  Click for full story…

Five Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss Next Week’s Webinar

Five Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss Next Week’s Webinar


June 6, 2017

Large, enterprise-sized organizations: step aside for just a moment. This one is for the mid-size indirect spend companies. Hey, SMBs (Small and Mid-size Businesses): I know that one of the challenges you face every day is related to a single concept: talent. There’s no need to be ashamed; talent is the top differentiator for today’s  Click for full story…

Tracking the Workforce Trends in 2017

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Tracking the Workforce Trends in 2017


May 18, 2017

The year is nearly half over, and it’s time for companies to wake up and smell the coffee and geared up to meet the workplace realities and challenges for the rest of 2017. Most companies today use non-employees, whether as gig, contract or contingent workers, if not as independent contractors. There’s no doubt that finding  Click for full story…

Freelancing Work 101

Your Guide to Freelance Jobs: Freelancing Work 101


May 16, 2017

As the gig economy grows, today’s workforce is comprised of many freelancers who often work from home depending on the type of job. If you’re one of those standing on the sidelines and wondering whether you should resist or be sucked in by this new-fangled way of finding work, we bring you the answers to  Click for full story…