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Celebrating the International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day comes around every March 8th. The question is, is it just a token occasion or is it a real celebration, and if it’s a celebration, what exactly are we celebrating?

I would say it is a celebration of the fact that the many regions of the world recognize the fact that women deserve love, respect and appreciation and bring the focus around on their political, social and economic achievements. As things stand today, no one can question the need to create such awareness, such momentum and such focus on the existential struggles women go through, around the world.

Many earlier posts on the DCR blog have looked at the different areas of women empowerment which need focus. They’re still relevant today and can definitely bear repetition as we attempt to create an awareness of these inconsistencies:

  • Gender-based discrimination against women in opportunities like access to education and at the workplace.
  • Protection from violence and sexual harassment.
  • Access to basic human rights in some countries of the world.
  • Equal pay for equal work.
  • Support to fulfill their biological roles and family responsibilities.
  • Participation in political arena.
  • Lack of access to scarce resources, including food and healthcare, in some countries and quality education in others.
  • Stereotyped image as inferior beings.
  • Whether in politics, movies, sports or normal businesses, women get shortchanged in pay and treated as suboptimal contributors.
  • Jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in many countries are unlikely.
  • Women inventors are undervalued, with the limelight falling more on their male counterparts.
  • Household chores are considered the lot of women in most countries around the world.

Let’s all work together to make International Women’s Day develop and be commemorated as a truly global celebration of gender equality and female empowerment, to help women everywhere dream big and be unlimited in a gender-inclusive world where every girl gets to dream as equally as a boy.

At DCR, which is a woman-owned company, we showcase the progress that few women have attained, as proved by the recognitions awarded to Ammu Warrier, our President and Chief Diversity Director, who exemplifies achievement.  She is the force behind the customer focus and cutting-edge innovations which mark Smart Track, DCR’s Vendor Management System, as a market leader.

Her leadership has won her, and DCR, final places in the 2016 Stevie Awards in 5 top categories among 1,500 finalists and won us four awards, when pitted against names like Accenture, Aflac, and World Financial Group.

  • Ammu Warrier – Innovator of the Year
  • Ammu Warrier – Female Entrepreneur of the Year
  • DCR – Most Innovative Company of the Year
  • DCR – Company of the Year

Ammu Warrier was also honored by the Staffing Industry Analysts by being listed among the elite women who make up Global Power 100 – Women in Staffing for 2016. And she is on track to win numerous more in 2017. This marks her as a woman who has substantially affected the world of work worldwide and is among the most influential people in the staffing industry. An acclaimed thought-leader in the industry, Ammu takes a very hands-on approach to running DCR, and heads its diversity efforts which embrace veterans, minorities and women as well as is a strong supporter for women in STEM careers.

So to answer my question above, on this International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the success of pioneers women like Ammu, who have broken through the barriers to make it possible for other women to aspire to similar heights!

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