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On the Challenges Suppliers Face

No one ever said that life is a bed of roses and that one should have no worries, either in one’s personal life or professional one! But then, all of us must adopt a live and let live policy and not go at people with all our guns firing especially when their contribution does make a difference to our existence! A case in point is how suppliers are dealt with by clients in the daily hustle and bustle of work related pressures. It would be just great if the clients could empathize a wee bit and see where the suppliers are coming from!

Look at the other side of the Coin

Market conditions have a will and power of their own – which tends to affect the job market in a significant manner – but there are quite a few work-a-day challenges faced by suppliers that create hurdles in their race towards achieving their goals. By encouraging better communication and understanding and recognizing the challenges affecting the supplier’s performance, clients may be provide a slight cushion which just might make all the difference to this relationship (which undeniably demands mutual dependence) and foster loyalty in the long-term.


  • Change is the only permanent thing in life and this fact impacts all aspects of work places, job markets, skill requirements as well as the availability of candidates.
  • Then there are the various regulations and levies which keep changing and need to be tracked and understood with all their direct and indirect implications, and possible cost overruns.
  • Changing scenarios and work places make it hard work for suppliers to keep up the pace and most of the time, they find that they are running in the same place, just to stay where they are – while trying to cope and keep up with the changes.

Clients may keep the door open to allow the suppliers to communicate these reasons and allow them to factor in the possible effect of such changes to the processes, deliverables and budgets too.


Technology is supposed to save people from drudgery but it could also end up creating hassles, either because it has glitches, the users are not sufficiently tech-savvy enough or because it is foisted on them by someone else in the value chain, without adequate training being imparted.

Clients may handhold the suppliers till they gain control over the system and initial hiccups and concerns are resolved.

Market Conditions:

  • The clients set high targets, impossible deadlines and tend to change their minds about a lot of things at the last minute. They take their time to process invoices and bills in a timely manner or squeezing the supplier’s margins.
  • The job boards are not an unmitigated boon, they clutter up the market and make it very difficult to differentiate or project one’s own requirements against many other similar opportunities. They increase the workload and stretch the timelines.
  • Applicants may withhold information or misrepresent facts about themselves. They also have a way of comparing notes on pay rate related information, especially as contingent workers with other temps, – and walking out within hours of taking up a job creating hassles all around!

Clients may help by gaining awareness of these issues and providing clear guidelines and reasonable margins and actionable feedback on issues to the suppliers.


  • Then, the competition has a way of outperforming one, just as the finish line seems to be looming up! In a nanosecond, all the efforts put in up till then go up in a puff of smoke!

The trick to success lies in knowing how to create an aura around the candidate they are offering but sadly this is a skill in marketing only few can master.

I stop here without making any claims of having made a completely exhaustive list and shall eagerly await your active participation in editing and expanding this list of supplier challenges.

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Lalita is a people/project manager with extensive experience in operations, HCM and training and development across industries like banking, education, business consulting, BPO and information technology. She believes in a dynamic approach to life and learning as change is the only constant.