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Cleaner and Greener – Earth Day Celebrations around the Globe

When you look to the future what do you see?

  • Remarkable self-driving cars that run on 100% electricity.
  • Mind-boggling intelligent homes that adapt to our needs in real time.
  • Incredible renewable-powered public transportation.

At DCR, we put a great deal of emphasis on innovation. We eat, sleep and breathe technological innovation that helps make our clients’ lives better. And we realize that the key to building a better, cleaner and greener future for our children also lies in innovation and taking action. All of the innovative inventions above are realities that someone dreamt of one day. And now they’re becoming part of our culture.

This year, more than one billion people in 192 countries will take action to protect our shared environment. All across the globe, in large metropolises to small villages and everything in between, people are cleaning and greening by doing things such as sprucing up their local communities or planting trees in their yard or local parks as well as teaching their children to protect our planet.

This year, in a rare and special Earth Day event, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has invited every world leader to the United Nations to officially sign the Paris Climate Agreement reached this past December.

This year, you can also take action. You may not be a world leader or technological wizard, but you can lead. You can teach your children to become responsible civic leaders. Clean air and water is imperative to everyone’s survival. Together, we have the opportunity to channel the power of human action and innovation to create a cleaner and greener world now and for generations to come.

To find an Earth Day event that’s open to the public, go here.

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