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Curb that Rogue Hiring and Streamline the Hiring of Your Contingent Workers

Research shows that only 50% have clear visibility into their “worker footprint,” meaning visibility into all talent across the enterprise with the result that few can forecast, budget and plan their talent-based needs. Such a scenario encourages rogue hiring, which may be defined as hiring which bypasses systems and follows no process and usually hires at a much higher rate than allowed by the regular channels. Employees love the freedom this gives them to quickly bring on board someone known to them personally or by establishing a separate relationship with staffing suppliers, without following procedures. When contingent workers are hired through such unconventional means, an organization is exposed to not just higher costs but also possible violation of regulatory compliance.

Most businesses using contingent workforces depend on their Vendor Management System to manage their requisition process for non-employee workers. How many make sure that every single one of those requisitions are processed through the VMS? Some managers may prefer to bypass the VMS and manage their requisition process without using the system and its processes.

A VMS can help

Look for a Vendor Management System that entices managers to willingly turn to it for all their workforce needs, one such as SmartTrack from DCR, to enjoy numerous advantages that can also help to curb rogue hiring. The ease of use offered by SmartTrack simplifies the change management, provides a positive user experience and increases adoption of the entire program:

  • SmartTrack’s simple user interface is practical and intuitive to learn and use. It offers fun and excitement as a reward for staying within the system. Using a VMS like SmartTrack will not be a boring task, or require a great deal of stoicism to feed your requisition needs or involve dull and depressing data entry processes.
  • SmartTrack gets hard-to-find, high-demand talent and brings them on board quickly, after ensuring that all background verifications and other requirements are met in full.
  • SmartTrack takes the tedium out of the data entry requirements by offering catalogues which make it easier to raise a requisition using predictive analytics. These catalogs offer great value in real-time, using menus which are flexible and allow for easy additions and deletions to the available items, and stay responsive to the changing needs of the organization at all times.
  • SmartTrack uses gamification to incentivize managers to stay with the system and enjoy the winning of points and rewards as they do so, while rogue hiring stays down. Using the system more offers increased chances at winning the enterprise-wide points, recognition and rewards.
  • The system is no more a ‘black hole’ which offers no answers and explanations for the candidate selection, approval and onboarding process and billing methods. It offers a ‘snapshot in time’ which covers your non-employee activity to help you make important decisions based on the visibility into the program’s run-time data to provide ongoing improvements and resolve any pain points.
  • Are there bottlenecks and redundancies in your approval process which drive managers to resort to rogue hiring? A VMS like SmartTrack is ready with an answer to an agonized plaint of ‘Why is this Happening’! Just let the VMS answer the question and run with the insights provided to fix the unnecessary steps in your requisition/approval process and drastically improve efficiencies and reduce the window of time between requirement creation and approval.
  • SmartTrack allows you to procure any type of service through a preferred supplier base to meet any resource requirement of your organization, offering full lifecycle from request to invoice and every level in between, with full capabilities to integrate with your project management tools for total non-employee management within one system.
  • SmartTrack allows managers to have access to and view available resources, while providing an ecosystem to match talent with suppliers, bypassing the traditional reliance on the MSP/supplier/customer dynamic.

Unlike traditional VMSs, SmartTrack is similar to a smartphone that offers many more functionalities than just the ability to make a phone call. At DCR, our innovative technology team is committed to adding more features at frequent intervals.

Interested to know more about how SmartTrack can help you? Talk to us.

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Ozzie has more than 30 years of experience in human capital management as an expert in managed service programs and vendor management systems for the non-employee workforce. With a focus on strategic solutions by analyzing client pain points and issues, he has achieved results-oriented first-in-class programs.