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Behind the Curtain at DCR – Business Development Associate

What’s it like to work at an innovative company like DCR? In this monthly blog series, we let you peek behind the curtain into our organization to see what makes us tick – our culture, our core roles and the people behind them. We’d like you to meet Jane Olah, our Business Development Associate. She’s been with DCR for nearly six months, and works with our Business Development Team.

Hi Jane! Tell us a little bit about what your role as Business Development Associate requires and what you like most about it.

As a Business Development Associate, I work closely with the entire Business Development Team and the Marketing Team to develop rapport and build on past business relationships as well as forge new relationships with prospective clients, partners and connectors. I do this in many ways – over the phone, through emails and Skype and in person. I work closely with the Executive Vice President of Business Development, and I’m part of the team that’s responsible for expanding our presence and driving new business by providing all of the administrative support to the entire Business Development Team. Every day that I come to work, it’s a new set of responsibilities to perform. So I may start the day by emailing anyone who has requested additional information to see what their needs are, then I may make calls to follow-up with any requests, or I may go on LinkedIn to enhance the information in our CRM by updating contacts and roles and I may be setting appointments during large events for demos or dinners or I could be inputting data so we know what stage each account is at. There’s quite a wide range of action items that I handle. Additionally, I also assist the EVP with any day-to-day needs, take meeting notes and interact with the Sales and Marketing Teams to follow up on all marketing tactics such as emails and landing page opt-ins. I do a lot of personal one-on-one follow-up with hundreds of people, so it’s important that I make a great impression of DCR. Often it may be someone’s first impression, and I take that responsibility very seriously because I’m responsible for creating and maintaining positive relationships! My motto is: I’ve never met a stranger on the phone!

That must be rewarding! So if someone wanted to work in your department, what advice would you give him or her?

I’d tell anyone wanting to work in Business Development or any department at DCR that you need to be a teammate with a collaborative style and you also have to meet as many people from as many different departments as possible. You will impact them and they will impact you! You need to have a good understanding about their responsibilities to be able to do a good job in your responsibilities because people ask a LOT of questions when you get them on the phone and you need to give intelligent answers or quickly find out the answer from someone…so you need to know who to turn to. You also need to be creatively persistent. In this role, you will get the runaround and often get voicemail, so you need to find a way to connect with our prospective customers. And finally you should be aware of the massive amounts of collateral we produce and be able to direct someone to a particular piece that makes sense for their industry or need.

And what is your biggest challenge of working at DCR?

I’d say that it’s trying to get my hands around all of the updates in Smart Track and relating that to how it puts us ahead of our competitors. It’s constantly changing and growing into something newer and better for our clients. Also, we’re growing so fast that internally one of the biggest challenges is trying to find a conference room where we can meet as a team!

That’s interesting! So what’s your favorite aspect about working at DCR?

One of the best things for me is the flexibility. I’m an early bird, so I can get here early and leave early. Also, I’m flexible in return. When they need me available to assist during evenings while they’re at a convention, I’m able to help out and maintain a smooth experience in the background. As you can tell, I’m a people person, so I’ve made several friends here and we’ll go grab lunch together. It’s a fun group to work with.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about DCR?

Right from day one of working for DCR I felt appreciated and welcomed. Everyone including the owners made me feel like I was coming home. I also feel like I’m making an impact with our prospective customers and with my fellow employees.

One last question. What’s your favorite perk at DCR?

The half-day off for errands each month is priceless so we don’t have to eat into our PTO for scheduled appointments.

Jane, it’s been a pleasure talking with you and learning about your work here at DCR!

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