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Behind the Curtain at DCR – Client Delivery Specialist

What’s it like to work at an innovative company like DCR? In this monthly blog series, we let you peek behind the curtain into our organization to see what makes us tick – our culture, our core roles and the people behind them. We’d like you to meet Cate Fleming, our Client Delivery Specialist. She’s been with DCR since 2015, and works on our Implementation Team.

Hi Cate! Can you tell us what your role as Client Delivery Specialist requires and what you like most about it?

As a Client Delivery Specialist, I work on rolling out our Smart Track implementation for DCR. My role is to work with the client to complete implementations configuring our contingent workforce MSP and VMS tool Smart Track. The day-to-day aspects really vary. There’s no set schedule to say one part of the day I’m doing a certain task. So, for example, we may have a certain project and we’ll work on different aspects of it as a group. It could be gathering the requirements and engaging stakeholders to configuring and validating Smart Track. The entire Implementation Team works very closely with each other as well as our client stakeholders in addition to every department at DCR. For starters, we work with Sales to assist with demos. We work with our clients to get their requirements for how they want Smart Track configured. We’re instrumental in communicating how Smart Track is set up, and we work closely with IT and with our Business Analysts to help build the best VMS tool for our client. We also work with Operations once the implementation has been successfully completed. I love knowing that every day is unique.

That must be challenging! So if someone wanted to work in your department, what advice would you give him or her?

It’s so important to be super organized! As you can tell, this team interacts with everyone, and you have to remember all of the various details and how they link together.

That’s interesting! So what’s your favorite aspect about working at DCR?

My favorite thing about DCR is the teamwork. I have an AMAZING team. We all help each other out whenever anyone needs anything, no questions asked. We’re a very collaborative and trusting team, and our clients can sense that as well. There was one situation where one of my teammates had an urgent issue, so everyone stayed and worked late nights to resolve the problem fast, as a team, without blinking an eye. That person did not ask us to do that. We just did it. I don’t think you find that level of commitment and teamwork everywhere.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about DCR?

I know it’s been said before, but Smart Track is always evolving and the leaders at DCR have created a hands-on environment where each of us is truly involved in making it the most innovative Vendor Management System for our clients. DCR has so much potential for explosive growth, which will also provide growth to employees. I’m happy to be part of this experience and on a fantastic team that helps drive innovation.

Innovation is certainly the driving force here. What inspires you?

I listen to Tim Ferriss’ podcast. He is a constant tester, experimenter and questioner of the status quo. In the past, he’s been named Most Innovative Business Person, so I admire that. And he’s just really entertaining.

One last question. What’s your favorite perk at DCR?

Well, as someone who has a longer-than-average commute, I like having my house cleaned for me. And as for in the office, I’m glad we can wear regular clothes. I’m not a uniform or strict dress code person.

Cate, it’s been a pleasure talking with you and learning about your work here at DCR!

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