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Behind the Curtain at DCR – Kathy Belotto

What’s it like to work at an innovative company like DCR? In this monthly blog series, we let you peek behind the curtain into our organization to see what makes us tick – our cultures, our core roles and the people behind them. We’d like you to meet Kathy Belotto, our AR/AP Supervisor. She’s been with DCR since 2014.

Welcome, Kathy! Can you tell us what your role as an AR/AP Supervisor means to you and what you like most about it?

As AR/AP Supervisor I work directly with our clients’ receivables and payables to the suppliers. I like to say that every department is touched by accounting, because every department in every company has some cost that needs to be paid! Also, I get to use my customer service skills with clients as well as suppliers when there are discrepancies in time keeping or payments, and I really like the fact that I’m helping so many different people and keeping everybody happy.

You must be pretty good with numbers! So if someone wanted to work in your department, what advice would you give him or her?

Looking back, I’d tell someone looking at this role to just be patient with themselves because their learning curve is going to be steep. Learning all of the various systems we work with can be very overwhelming in the beginning. I’d say that because of that you’re looking at a good three months to get familiar with everything and it gets easier as time goes on. Also, DCR is a great place to grow because the company is growing.

What do you find the most challenging aspect of your job?

Keeping up with all of the client requirements and supplier requests can be challenging. I have to be fluent with all of the clients as well as suppliers and to complicate things, often suppliers interact with many clients. So you really have to think on your toes in this job. And DCR is growing rapidly, so we continue to add clients and suppliers. On top of that, this is a very unique service we’re talking about because what we’re doing is billing payroll.

With so many clients to deal with, how do you feel you have an impact?

In this position, I can positively impact the clients as well as the suppliers. I go above and beyond the basic requirements of the job to meet their ever-changing needs. I impact them by supporting financing and financial controls – this goes beyond just the tactical tasks of the job. For example, if a client finds the reporting is inaccurate, I use our system to devise a report to help support them and provide the accuracy they’re looking for.

That’s so interesting. What’s your favorite thing about working at DCR? What keeps you here?

There are many things I like about DCR. The products and services we provide are unique and challenging, and I like a good challenge. Also, the people who work here are amazing. I really enjoy everyone I work with. We have built an awesome group and we help each other out. That goes for my team and the company as a whole. I’ve never run into anyone who is not willing to help or find someone else who can assist me. We have a camaraderie you don’t find everywhere – all of the departments work well together and support each other. And all that is due to the owners and how they have developed this company and the culture. Plus, look at all of the cool perks we get!

That leads me to my last question. What’s your favorite perk at DCR?

My favorite perk is the house cleaning service. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory!

Kathy, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you!

If this peek behind the curtain into AR/AP Supervisor sounds interesting, perhaps you want to apply or find out more. DCR currently has an opening in the Finance Department. If you’re good with numbers, check it out! If this position is closed, feel free to check out our other open positions. Apply today!

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