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Behind the Curtain at DCR – Office Manager

What’s it like to work at an innovative company like DCR? In this monthly blog series, we let you peek behind the curtain into our organization to see what makes us tick – our cultures, our core roles and the people behind them. We’d like you to meet Shayla Jackson, our Office Manager and Human Resources (HR) Assistant. She’s been with DCR since 2014, through the move to a larger office space and explosive growth.

Hi Shayla! Can you tell us what your role as an Office Manager and HR Assistant entails and what you like most about it?

Because I have two roles that interlink, I’m very busy. As Office Manager, I’m in charge of keeping the office and everything in it running smoothly including front desk reception responsibilities. Additionally, as HR Assistant, I’m busy handling all of the onboarding for all DCR employees including processing all paperwork, ensuring all tests and background checks are performed and completing all new hire requirements so it’s a smooth process for all of our new employees.

That must keep you busy! So if someone wanted to work in your department, what advice would you give him or her?

You have to stay on your toes because it’s really busy here, you have to prioritize because its combining two diverse roles and you have to stay positive even during the stressful times. For example, when we have client visits or an event, the coordination is an extra effort on top of the day-to-day responsibilities. And there may be times when challenges come up, but you have to remain positive and help find a solution to the issue. You need to have patience, be able to prioritize and have a really good memory. If you can’t memorize a lot of different things, it will be a struggle. You won’t always have time to look something up, you just have to “know” the answer off the top of your head. (Not right away, of course.) Most important is to take a frustrating situation, remain calm and find a solution – and always leave the other person with a good impression.

That’s awesome. What’s your favorite thing about working at DCR?

I love the creative atmosphere here and the diversity. It’s a really nice work environment, everyone is helpful and I learn something new every single day.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about DCR?

I’m so glad that I work for DCR. I feel like I have my regular family that’s related and my DCR family. I really enjoy my job. Everybody from every department works well together. I have a great manager who supports me and encourages my career growth. The schedule is flexible, we can bring our kids to work on occasion and the people are amazing.

What’s one of your favorite fun times at DCR?

We do so many cool things here, it’s hard to choose. One time we had a scavenger hunt and it was so much fun. Every item was inside our office. We gave a hint, so first you had to figure out “what” it was, and then you had to figure out “where” it was, next you had to take a picture of it. The top three fastest hunters won a free lunch. We had such a great time, laughing and running all over the office. It helped take our minds off of work for a little while and added some fun to our day. I think we should have another one soon.

One last question. What’s your favorite perk at DCR?

The Friday breakfasts are great because everyone gets together in the break room – well now we’re spilling out into the Innovation/Game Area – and mingles. We have 10 or so people who alternate in bringing in a company-sponsored breakfast every Friday, so we get to try all kinds of foods – from various ethnicities that we may not have tried on our own. It’s interesting, fun and always delicious!

Shayla, it’s been a pleasure talking with you! Congratulations on your baby.

If this peek behind the curtain into Office Manager and HR Assistant sounds appealing, now’s a great time to check it out on a temporary basis when Shayla goes on maternity leave! DCR currently has a temporary to potential permanent opening in the Human Resources department. This is a great opportunity for someone who has a great memory and is extremely organized because, as Shayla said, there’s a lot of multi-tasking taking place around here! If this position is closed, feel free to check out our other open positions. Apply today!

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