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Behind the Curtain at DCR – Service Delivery Analyst

What’s it like to work at an innovative company like DCR? In this monthly blog series, we let you peek behind the curtain into our organization to see what makes us tick – our culture, our core roles and the people behind them. We’d like you to meet Eric Wilcoxen, our Service Delivery Analyst. He’s quite the newbie, having only been with DCR for two months, so this is a fresh perspective.

Hi Eric! Tell us a little bit about what your role as Service Delivery Analyst requires and what you like most about it.

As a Service Delivery Analyst, I work with the majority of departments within DCR and I work with all Managed Service Providers (MSPs) at client sites, I work with clients to complete the service lifecycle process and ensure that the product is behaving properly as well as participate in product development. I already have a huge project that I’m working on putting together a demo, which is very rewarding. I love the technology side. I was in technology in the military, so my skills are sharp and I’m very current with leading technology, I spent my entire day on the computer, so I’m just picking up where I left off. I was so pleasantly surprised that DCR is so pro-military and believes so strongly in actively recruiting veterans. I was honored to recently be featured in a post on Veterans Day.

That must be rewarding! So if someone wanted to work in your department, what advice would you give him or her?

I’m still in the training phase, but for sure I’d tell him or her that you have to be up-to-speed with technology to work at DCR for most positions. We’re a high-tech company and we require tech expertise in certain positions such as mine. Additionally, there are three big values that you must have:

  • Commitment – because if you don’t have that you won’t really fit in anywhere
  • Respect – because everyone’s opinion matters, even if you disagree
  • Honor – because you need to believe in what you doing

Also, this is a multi-cultural organization. We all come from different backgrounds and have different ideas and ways of doing things. Sometimes bringing all those differences together is how we create something new and innovative. You have to be open to trying new things.

And what is your biggest challenge of working at DCR?

So far, I haven’t come across any challenges. I’m just learning about DCR, Smart Track and how it works, the benefits for our clients and how we can continually add more value to it. The training process is going well and I’m learning a tremendous amount of information.

That’s interesting! So what’s your favorite aspect about working at DCR?

My family is the most important thing in my life so I enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from home at times or come in a little earlier and leave a little earlier to beat the rush. On the other hand, I can stay a little later to finalize something if they need me to. It’s not just about the time, it’s about working in a very trusting give-and-take atmosphere – as long as you’re doing what you’re supposed to do and getting your job done.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about DCR?

I love the fact that I get the opportunity to work so much technology that it feels like I’m surrounded by technology! Also that I get to work with so many people from such a variety of cultures every day is amazing to me.

One last question. What’s your favorite perk at DCR?

As I said, my family comes first, so I really appreciate the half-day off each month to spend more time with my daughter. That means the world to me.

Eric, it’s been a pleasure talking with you and learning about your work here at DCR!

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