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DCR and Ardent Partners Track Changes in Contingent Workforce Management

The accelerating pace at which companies turn to contingent workers to support their business operations has led to increased focus on the use on temporary resources. Predictably, this focus is accompanied by numerous predications about the “Future of Work”. Will we truly become a “gig economy” in which the notion of spending years employed by a single company will become passé? Will companies abandon the notion of permanent employees in favor of a more flexible, temporary workforce? If these changes are to become a reality, when? While we may not know the answer to these questions, we do know that managing one’s Contingent Workforce requires preparation and strategy. Regulatory requirements, fluctuating talent market conditions, and the mercurial shifts in workforce trends make success difficult.

For most users of contingent workers, worries and questions abound:

  • What are the best practices and steps in creating a Contingent Workforce?
  • How do we find the right mix of continent and traditional workers?
  • What are the best sourcing methods?
  • What selection criteria should be used to choose between the many different types of contingent workers?
  • How do we ensure that we are procuring the right workers?
  • Which technologies will enable a best-in-class Contingent Workforce program?
  • How do we avoid compliance issues as we utilize them?
  • How can we ensure that we get them back if we wish to?

Last, but not least: What is the wisest path forward given the trends and changes in the Contingent Workforce industry?

DCR Workforce is pleased to bring you the premier of Ardent Partner’s definitive report, “The 2016 State of Contingent Workforce Management”.   Ardent Partners research director and contingent workforce management thought leader, Christopher J. Dwyer unveils the findings from his new research study in a complimentary webinar hosted and sponsored by DCR Workforce. On November 3, Christopher will walk attendees through the biggest market changes over the past year, as well as the Best-in-Class strategies, solutions, and capabilities for effectively managing non-employee talent into and beyond 2016. The webinar will go beyond the findings presented in the report, sharing in-depth research into workforce – and workforce technology – usage patterns, preferences, and priorities.

Register for the Webinar. All participants will receive a copy of the research report following the webinar.

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