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DCR and KCP&L: Supplier Summit Success

We’re always looking for additional ways we can add value to our clients, so we partnered with KCP&L to hold a Supplier Summit to accomplish several objectives. One was to discuss important initiatives the client company wants to ensure is being pushed out. For example, at KCP&L, they updated their corporate safe vehicle operation policy, so we included a “safety minute” to remind everyone of the driver safety requirements.

As a company that is known for stellar customer service and being hands-on, we provide a dedicated support team to access for questions regarding Smart Track VMS, operations, KPI’s, resource allocation and strategic initiatives among other things – so we introduced the DCR support team and what each person’s role was.

KCP&L’s contingent labor initiative’s tagline “Innovate, Automate, Expedite” was our focus.

We also covered the importance of using Smart Track VMS and how it can help with improved transparency including governance and compliance, reporting and diversity as well as training and safety.

During this event, we showed how our VMS can help simplify processes and policies and give managers and end-users a streamlined experience. As a technology that improves business needs, clients can find the right resource, at the right time with the right price.

Because we’re a vendor-neutral provider who manages the process, not the candidates, we’re able to manage multiple suppliers under one umbrella for all non-employee engagements with a single point of contact for contract management, reporting and issue resolution.

To wrap things up, we ran through some important Smart Track updates including the super intuitive home page, dashboards (more on this soon – watch this space) and reporting all wrapped in an enhanced user experience. We covered numerous enhancements as well as socialization of Smart Track Mobile for on-the-go approval of job requests, timesheets and expenses.

On the supplier side, we showcased the supplier scorecard and how it can help suppliers analyze their performance to provide better results, enhancing the entire experience so managers and suppliers can track metrics such as participation, submittal quality, contingent worker quality, cycle time and cost.

The Supplier Summit was such an overwhelming success that we plan to roll out Supplier Summits to other clients as we work to continually bring value with our collaborative approach to business.


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Michael Wager | Manager, Central Region Mike is the manager of the Central Region for DCR’s Enterprise Solutions. Prior to working with DCR, he spent many years on the supplier side of the industry. That experience gives him a unique perspective into MSP process and opportunities. Mike lives with his wife in the Tampa area of Florida where he gets his exercise by dodging hurricanes.