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DCR Supports and Encourages Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey has affected our employees, partners and clients. We can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, but we want you to know that we’re here to help…as an organization and as individuals.

For those of you who are in Greater Houston, we see the images in the media, but we also know that one can only really know what the destruction is like first-hand by being there. It was not that long ago that many of us in the corporate office experienced the wrath of several hurricanes. Our hearts are with you!

Many of our employees, partners and clients were directly affected by this incredible force of nature. Of course we want you to put your safety and your family first during this unimaginable time. To say that this has disrupted your life is an understatement. You – along with an estimated 30,000 people who will need temporary shelter and 450,000 who will likely need disaster assistance…probably mor­­­­­e – are in our thoughts and prayers.

For those of us who were not directly affected, but may feel the impact through disruptions, thank you for understanding that our local teams are focusing on their safety and their families’ well-being right now. Your patience is appreciated as we work together to rebuild a devastated region.

While you watch the news, all you have to do is look at the scenes, close your eyes and imagine yourself or a loved one in their shoes and you’ll instantly know that it’s time to pull together and give generously to help a child, an elderly person or an entire family.

As a corporation, DCR supports disaster relief efforts and encourages our employees, partners and clients to do likewise as part of our corporate values. Please consider joining our efforts in donating to the American Red Cross.

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