DCR Town Hall 2018

DCR Town Hall Q1-2018

Come one, come all, to DCR’s first quarterly town hall discussion of 2018. Last week, executives, analysts, writers, programmers, and more gathered together in the brand new and spacious downstairs conference room for a group discussion, with everyone at the company in attendance (either in-person or virtually through webcast). This company-wide session provided an open forum to share news, introduce new team members, ask questions, celebrate successes and contributions, and to have some fun.

New Faces

DCR has grown significantly in recent weeks, bringing a lot of fresh faces into the office. Since we expanded to two floors, we don’t all see each other as often, so this was a great opportunity for us all to gather in one room – and for some, to meet for the first time.

New Ideas

This was a chance for any DCRer to speak up and be heard by all, whether with a question, a concern, or an idea for improvement. As DCR continues to grow rapidly, our executive team feels that it’s even more important for there to be open communication and visibility across the company. These quarterly town hall discussions provide a chance for our employees to get a sense of the direction we’re moving in the future, and to share concerns, provide feedback, or contribute their ideas.

Looking Forward

We believe that these town hall meetings are a powerful way for DCR to convey priorities, promote cross team communication, and create a thriving unified culture throughout our distributed team. Our next quarterly town hall discussion is scheduled for June, and DCRers are already being encouraged to help create the agenda by sending in their announcements, questions. We’re looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

In the meantime, check out some of the pictures from our first town hall of 2018 here!

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