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DCR TrendLine April 2014

April Trendline ReportCan you believe it’s already the second quarter of the year? As the year continues to speed by, this month’s edition of TrendLine focuses on trends and predictions in the talent management industry, by looking at what’s buzzing in HR tech and examining how crowdsourcing is playing a role in the temporary staffing market. Continuing on the theme of technology, we peek at the IT job market to see how and where demand for professionals is growing. We also look into our crystal ball to give you insights into what the staffing landscape will look like in 2022. And this month, we conclude our series on the BRIC countries, by taking a glance at India and it’s potential for temporary work development. At TrendLine, we’re always focused on what’s trending in anything to do with contingent worker supply and demand, and on that note are really excited to unveil a new quarterly topic – What’s Trending in the Temp Market? – that consolidates our research into a short list of critical trends in key talent sectors of the staffing industry. Take a look and let us know what you think!

  • DCR National Temp Wage Index
  • The Impact of the Minimum Wage Increment
  • HR Tech in 2014
  • Crowdsourcing: An Innovative Temp Paradigm
  • IT Temp Work on the Rise
  • How Happy are Temp Workers?
  • What’s Trending in the Temp Market?
  • What the Staffing Landscape Will Look Like in 2022
  • India: An Emerging Temp WorkforceHot Spot

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Our publication of DCR TrendLine provides trends over time, geography, categories and other spend management related parameters for different industries which will provide decision enablers in the hands of management.

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Note: Metrics usually vary from company to company and there are several statistics and trends delivered on employment, labor etc. by different services. However, a holistic approach to category management when it comes to workforce as well as the ability to generate trends which provide actionable information has been hard to find. Management would be benefited by a view that first allows them to pick a category and the spend, workforce, headcount and usage in all different aspects for that category.

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