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DCR TrendLine April 2015

DCR National Temp Wage IndexDCR TrendLine shares analyses of trends and happenings in the non-employee workforce industry. The April edition looks at the growing talent management software market and employment in the technology sector. We continue our global series on the ASEAN region by looking at talent trends in the Philippines, and also examine which countries around the world are the most worker-friendly. We explain the debate on if the U.S. economy is at full employment, and throw light on the current situation of the economy. Our feature article discusses the usage of talent analytics and delves into some common myths about big data and metrics. Finally, we reveal which industry in the country has the happiest workers.

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  • DCR National Temp Wage Index
  • Full Employment: Jobs vs. Inflation
  • Best Practices in Recruiting for 2015
  • Changes in the Talent Management Software Market
  • Industry Highlight: Technology Index
  • The Philippines – Poised For Growth Through BPO
  • The World’s Most Worker-Friendly Countries
  • Measure What Matters
  • The Happiest Industries

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Our publication of DCR TrendLine provides trends over time, geography, categories and other spend management related parameters for different industries which will provide decision enablers in the hands of management.

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Note: Metrics usually vary from company to company and there are several statistics and trends delivered on employment, labor etc. by different services. However, a holistic approach to category management when it comes to workforce as well as the ability to generate trends which provide actionable information has been hard to find. Management would be benefited by a view that first allows them to pick a category and the spend, workforce, headcount and usage in all different aspects for that category.

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