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DCR TrendLine – March 2016

It’s March and already the end of Q1! This year is flying by, and the editorial staff at DCR TrendLine has been busy keeping up the pace by staying on top of the latest trends in the non-employee workforce market. The March edition of DCR TrendLine examines non-employee worker wage rates, full-time and hiring projections for 2016, and the hottest jobs of the year.

We’re also examining the growing demand for data analytics and trends in business intelligence and employment movements in the solar energy industry. Our feature article discusses the tremendous impact non-customer-facing workers have on overall customer success.

Below is a synopsis of some of the articles we’re eager to share with you

The Strategic Recruiting Metrics that Matter – This article takes a look at the importance of institutionalizing strategic recruiting metrics in order to enhance overall talent acquisition metrics. We provide a list of some strategic metrics that recruiting leaders should be looking at

The New Trends for Human Capital Management – Over the past few years, there have been dramatic changes in the workplace and in how talent is managed. This article examines some of the broader trends we expect to see impacting human capital management in 2016.

Virtual Reality’s Potential Impact on Talent Management and the Workplace – In last month’s edition of DCR TrendLine, we featured Virtual Reality (VR) as one of the top trends in the workforce. This month we’re taking a deeper dive on the potential impact of VR on talent management.

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