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DCR TrendLine – November 2016

Hello November! This month’s edition of DCR TrendLine’s examines trending topics such as turnover in the job market, U.S. consumer spending patterns, gig economy growth, fast-growing jobs, and threats to job security. This month’s feature article focuses on the concept of flexibility and agility in technology systems.

Below are a few of the articles we’d like to call your attention to:

Gig Economy Growth – New research by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) indicates that the gig economy is growing. We examine by this upwards trend by looking at the largest categories of work arrangements for gig workers, spend on gig work, and worker preferences. Click here to read about this trend

Threats to Job Security – A recent survey by Pew Research explores the top factors that American workers feel threatened by when it comes to job security. We explore these various threats and discuss the impact of education on job security confidence levels.  Read about it.

Checking in on Wage Gaps – This article looks at a couple of new studies that discuss the current state of the gender wage gap and racial pay disparity. We tackle the statistics in each study, and examine the recommendations for businesses and policymakers. Learn more.

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On a final note, we’d like to inform our readers that DCR TrendLine will be going on a brief hiatus for the remainder of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017. We’re looking forward to taking this time to further refine our publication so that we can continue to provide you with valuable and actionable insight into the non-employee and service procurement market. In the meantime, please check out the DCR TrendLine site to catch up on the latest trends of the past couple of years, and continue to send us your suggestions and recommendations for future articles and topics. See you next year!

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