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DCR Workforce Blog’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

1. Do Independent Contractors Require a Break in Service? Published on August 16, 2011

Companies believe in imposing the 12-Month Rule which limits the use of contingent workers, especially Independent Contractors, in a rolling 18 month period. If the person wants another assignment, it is possible only after a 6-Month Break! The question is if this is really necessary or is it just the result of a misinterpretation causing unnecessary trouble all around […]

2. Fresh Insights to the Future of Contingent Workforce Programs Published on 25 May 2011

It is often said that change is the only permanent thing in life. Industries, like species, undergo evolutionary changes on a regular basis – and sometimes, these changes could prove revolutionary too. The only way we can plan to cope with change is through awareness, constant vigilance, continual acquisition of knowledge and adaptation to new circumstances so as to ensure optimal outcomes.[…]

3. Accepting the MSP as a supplier/staffing agency’s Best Friend Published on 10 June 2011

As news comes in, from a Staffing Industry survey, 26% of buyers are trying new suppliers, 59% in energy/chemical are consolidating with buyers while engineering/design skills are among the most interested in new suppliers; we are once again reminded of the debate about the resistance some staffing agents exhibit towards MSPs.[…]

4. Avoiding Worker Misclassification Published on 08 June 2011

Whichever way we turn, we get the Analysts cautioning us on maintaining regulatory compliance when using Contingent Workforce followed by dire warnings of doomsday – almost on the lines of what Hollywood would call ‘The Day the Earth stood Still’! Worker Misclassification is important for regulatory compliance and requires a lot of […]

5. Managing RFP/RFQ using VMS Best Practices Published on 14 June 2011

If someone woke me up in my sleep and posed a question about what a VMS is for – pat would come the answer about it being a solution for Contract Workforce management, which is too vast a topic to be dealt with here. Once fully awake, I could start taking about some of the innovative uses of a VMS program. One such is that of managing RFP/RFQ using VMS.[…]

6. Procurement Skills for the Contingent Workforce Manager Published on 17 August 2011

CW Managers today need to walk the tight rope, balancing their use of contingent workforce to contain cost of human resources while ensuring productivity and profitability goals; but they also carry a responsibility to see that the organization does not get into hot waters with violating compliance requirements. […]

7. Improve the Effectiveness of Supplier Scorecards Published on 05 September 2011

Strategic Use of Scorecards: Critics may call it a bandwagon technique, but the fact remains that the use of a scorecard to measure supplier performance is becoming more and more common in the industry. Quite a few have it and those that do not, definitely want it. CW managers eagerly and readily translate this measurement into management input, by applying the insights to improve a supplier’s ongoing performance and delivery. Or, do they? […]

8. Adopting a VMS/MSP for SOW projects Published on 03 June 2011

Managed service providers are gaining increasing popularity with companies for offering clear cost savings while managing their entire Contingent Work operations; spanning the spectrum of temporary workers, independent contractors and even SOW consultants. For a long time, the category of SOW consultants was dealt with as separate from the others in the group.[…]

9. Why do we need a Supplier Scorecard? Published on 23 August 2011

Why score Supplier Performance?: Companies generally find their suppliers through on-the-phone sales pitches or references if not advertisements and emails/newsletters. But, as always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – however convincing the sales pitch may have been.[…]

10. When do managers hesitate on a Temp-to-Perm Assignment conversion? Published on 01 June 2011

As I sit down to write this, the buzz about Brangelina planning to tie the knot seems to be spreading across the Globe! It has naturally resulted in turning my attention to the nature of relationships and by extension, had me wondering about why some temp-to-hire or temp-to-perm relationships at the workplace obstinately refuse to progress beyond the temp status! […]

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