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DCR’s 2017 Product Roadmap Unveiled: Anticipate Seismic Shifts in the VMS Industry

Last year proved to be a remarkable year for our clients as we fulfilled our promise to build a future-forward VMS. We expect 2017 to be even more incredible because we’re planning to send tremors through the Vendor Management System (VMS) industry as we continue to concentrate on bringing innovations to the marketplace.

As part of our “2017 Product Roadmap: Creating a Seismic Shift in the VMS Industry,” we’re focusing on enhancing our flagship product, Smart Track, with many exciting innovations as well as building on existing proprietary features. We’re also excited to announce the unveiling of Smart Track NOW for mid-tier companies.

Here are our plans for 2017:

Seismic shifts in the VMS industry

As we strive to deliver the Internet of Everything (IoE) right to you with integrated systems and aggregated data, now Smart Track will not only deliver data, but its enhanced capabilities now processes the data for you. With DCR’s Data as a Service (DaaS), you no longer have to sift through mounds of data to figure out the best next steps.

Smart Track presents it to you in a way that makes business sense strategically so you can take actionable steps. And our one-stop-shop dashboard is fully dynamic, with improved functionality allowing you to drill down to any record or work step without ever leaving the dashboard itself, which is a huge convenience.

We have been compiling data for several years from various social platforms, government sites and demographic data, then we combine it with each client’s statistical data. In 2017, we’ll continually refine:

  • Rate Guidance – our on-demand, location-specific, market-driven rates helps you determine whether to select a candidate in Phoenix or Pittsburgh by the going rates for each area.
  • Market Heat Maps – which combines market data with historical worker selection to forecast capacity planning needs.
  • Match Index Intelligence – our proprietary feature to pinpoint and rate “best fit” candidates, based on your previous selections with weighted scores based on your own guidelines. Clients can expect enhanced Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to more precisely provide prescriptive actions.

Advanced Smart Track users can also expect to see time-saving enhancements such as the ability to create specific candidate pools to fulfill urgent hiring needs as well as Scheduling Templates that allow managers to create precise schedules based on business criteria and tasks, which allows suppliers to base headcount and expectations accordingly for Statement of Work (SOW) projects.

We’re also excited to unveil Smart Track NOW, our solution for rapid implementation, full scalability with ease of use built in. It is not a substandard system that users will have to replace down the road. It’s a fully scalable platform designed to grow as business needs grow – all the way to full global capabilities.

You can also look forward to gamification for suppliers, which not only foster change management and increased adoption, but will pour more data into the system allowing for greater analytics.

And through it all, we remain faithful to providing you with the utmost in white glove customer service – from the initial contact, through our ease of implementation, to our next-gen training through DCR Training and Learning Solutions (TLS), to continued business process consulting services.

Sending shock waves through the VMS industry

With all of these plans, as an agile technology solution provider, we know that we must still remain flexible and nimble enough to cater to your requests as they arise. We make it a point to deliver solutions at the speed of business.

Download our 2017 Product Roadmap here:

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 Get more information at sales@dcrworkforce.com to experience a seismic shift in your VMS.

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