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DCR’s Dynamic, Drag-and-Drop Dashboards

Ease of use is a primary factor in whether a Vendor Management System (VMS) gets adopted and used to its fullest potential.

With Smart Track, the design and functionality are as important as the data it delivers. Clients often rave about our system usability. Why? Because Smart Track is designed for end-user self-service for all services – from contingent workers to outsourced SOW projects.

When you first open Smart Track, you’ll notice a sleek dashboard. Various templates are available depending on your role, which are configurable to meet your exact needs. This isn’t just a picture graphic, this is an actionable interface where you can click and drill down multiple layers to reach the most granular data.

Our dashboards are easy to use, intuitive and give you complete visibility into the workforce based on your role and rights. Then, based on the actions you take from the dashboard, pre-configured workflows can trigger other actions such as approvals.

Listen in as we share how dynamic Smart Track’s dashboards are:

Dynamic and actionable

DCR takes dashboards to the next level with the ability to configure and create your own personalized view with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Users can fully configure dashboard views from the front end, controlling the layout, charts and tables to be presented and fields to be included in each without contacting DCR or an IT department. Just click and drag to see what you want to see.

Smart Track dashboards are role-specific, ensuring that every user can focus on the program elements of greatest importance to their role. Content access is determined by role, and customizable default templates are included for hiring managers, suppliers, temp workers, human resources, finance, procurement, IT help desk, cost accounting, etc.  These templates are easily modified to reflect the personalized needs of each user.

You’re able to take action right from the dashboard and drill down into multiple levels of data. You have the ability to see the information you need to see the way you need to see it – which may not be the same as a similar user.

Data in a snap

Smart Track provides data in a snap. There is no waiting, no data dump and no overnight refresh. What you get is data in as close to real-time as possible.

You can build out different charts, graphs or counters, and you can even annotate, draw on the screen, circle items and highlight areas of importance.

You also have the ability to export the data. Charts and tables can be exported to reports in HTML, Excel, PDF, Doc and Rich Text formats. And the reports may be scheduled to be delivered via email, desktop or mobile device on a pre-defined schedule.

As easy as one, two, three

We have embedded a number of usability features into Smart Track, and one of the most noticeable is the configurable, role-specific dashboard with complete drill-down capabilities and the ability to perform any function directly from the dashboard, often in as little as three clicks.

Dashboards also offer easy to use to-do lists, calendars integrated with all leading calendaring systems and system messages. In addition, widgets on dashboards indicate “counters” of workers on assignment, open requisitions, submissions against a requisition or other statistics of importance to the user.

The dynamic dashboards are available on desktop and mobile devices. Smart Track Mobile has all the functionality of Smart Track on a mobile device – it’s not just a limited app that performs certain functions.

Even though Smart Track VMS is an incredibly robust system loaded with data, DCR has made the dashboards extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

Let us know if you’re interested in seeing the Smart Track dashboard in action by requesting a demo.

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