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DCR’s New Expansion Project a Hit with Employees

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the new year, we didn’t want to neglect to let you know that DCR is growing by leaps and bounds.  

We’ve nearly doubled the number of employees at our headquarters and we have doubled our workspace.  

As we grow, you’ll begin to hear some new names and see some new faces around here, but we want you to know that one of our greatest sources of pride as a company is our level of excellent and award-winning customer service. Even as we are experiencing perpetual growth, we will continue serving our clients at a high level without sacrificing quality.   

Fun and function   

The new area includes fun things such as swings, bicycles and a coffee bar along with functional things such as expanding conference rooms plus a clothes washer and dryer.  

No, we’re not working 24/7! However, it was noticed after the last hurricane that many employees lost power for multiple days, so allowing them to be able to use the building’s generator to access power during an outage was important for us.  

Watch it in action 

No one says it better than our employees, so watch this fast-motion, high-speed build-out of our new space here…  

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Naveen serves as the company’s global innovation leader, working with strategy, operations, suppliers and clients. He ensures that DCR creates cutting-edge developments that continue to enhance value for clients.