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DCR’s Holiday Tweet & Give


If someone should ask me to comment on the culture of DCR, I would say – first off – that it is a woman-owned technology company that lives and breathes innovation and customer orientation. You do not have to take my word for it! Ask any of our satisfied clientele and they will definitely agree, especially as DCR has never lost a client in its 20 year history. Or, we can list the various awards won by our organization; like the SIIA Software CODiE award for 2 consecutive years, the Global Power 100 Women in Staffing awarded to our President, Ammu Warrier, in 2015 and the Stevie Women in Business Awards for 4 consecutive years.

But, DCR is also a company that takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and has many initiatives which give back to the society in which its endeavors have borne fruit. Every year, DCR selects a cause to support and this holiday season gets bigger and better, as DCR has chosen to associate itself with four highly deserving causes. Each of these organizations has goals that resonate with our team and a mission that aligns closely with our values and culture.

We need your contribution to make this happen, though! Just a Tweet will do!

Simply select the non-profit that you feel the most strongly about, and send out a tweet mentioning @DCRWorkforce with the designated hashtag.

Your active and enthusiastic participation in the tweeting campaign nets the cause of your choice a $1 donation from DCR for each tweet, for the first 1000 tweets. You can choose one or all four! We know that all of them are excellent initiatives and each of them deserves your support.

  1. Girls Who Code: This initiative has been working hard since 2012, to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills needed to bridge the gender gap in technology skills. This is an important intervention because girls shy away from choosing STEM subjects as a college major and only 12% of computer degrees are awarded to women. 10,000 girls across 40 American states have benefited from Girls Who Code and 99% of them want to pursue a career in technology.

We believe that by uncovering talent and encouraging girls to pursue careers in technology, we’re building a stronger talent base that will be able to bring a unique perspective to computer technology to solve real world problem. Learn more about why DCR supports Girls Who Code

If you agree, all you have to do is tweet #DCRGirlsWhoCode and DCR will donate $1 per tweet.

  1. Wounded Warrior Project: DCR is not only military-friendly but also committed to give back to veterans and service members for all their sacrifices to protect us and our country. Our Managed Services Program holds the distinction of placing thousands of veterans with our clients. Which is why, we have chosen the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) which empowers veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2011. Founded in 2003, this program has various unique economic empowerment programs and services to support the ever-evolving needs of Wounded Warriors, their caregivers and families. By 2017, it will have served 100,000 warriors, so every little bit helps.

DCR believes that by serving our veterans and wounded warriors, we’re also serving our clients and community. Read about why the Wounded Warrior Project matters to us

Go ahead, all you have to do is tweet #DCRWoundedWarrior and for each tweet, DCR will donate $1.

  1. The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County: DCR Workforce believes in supporting efforts that aim to improve the quality of life in its community. This season, DCR is assisting the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County which is committed to achieving 100% literacy among the residents of Palm Beach County, Florida. The Literacy Coalition is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, has 10 direct service programs that serve individuals from infancy through adulthood, and provides services to more than 27,000 adults, children, and families each year.

Being a part of Palm Beach County, with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida; DCR owes a debt of gratitude to the local community. With one in seven adults in Palm Beach County being unable to read and understand information disseminated through the written word, DCR is pleased to support the Literacy Coalition’s mission to promote and achieve literacy, and its goal to ensure that every child and every adult in the county can read. Read more about DCR’s commitment to our community and The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach

Send a tweet with the hashtag #DCRLiteracypbc so that DCR can donate $1 to this initiative for every single tweet.

  1. Endeavor: Entrepreneurship is desirable at all times and all the more so for the emerging markets of the world. Being the product of highly motivated entrepreneurship, DCR strives to support and mentor start-ups and entrepreneurs, who have the potential to create thriving companies that employ thousands of people and generate millions in wages. Endeavor aims to identify and support entrepreneurs with the potential for high growth and promise of economic and social impact in their regions. Endeavor’s services help the entrepreneurs to grow their ventures, create jobs, transform economies, and support future generations of entrepreneurs. Since 1997, Endeavor has screened and provided feedback to over 40,000 candidates. These entrepreneurs have created 500,000 high-value jobs, and in 2014, generated $8 billion in revenues.

At DCR, we believe that supporting entrepreneurs means contributing to advancing human potential and sustained economic growth in every part of the world. Find out more about why supporting entrepreneurs through Endeavor means so much to DCR

Please send a tweet with #DCREndeavor, so DCR can donate $1 to Endeavor for each tweet.

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