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DCR’s Implementation Summit and Customer Advisory Board are Orchestrating Innovation

Each year we gather together an ensemble of our amazing customers who comprise our esteemed Customer Advisory Board to focus extensively on co-creating the next level of products impacting real life pain points, services and experiences such as inclusion and adoption – we’ve christened it our Innovation Summit.

Just like an orchestra is made up of woodwinds, strings, brass and percussion, our Board is comprised of executive-level stakeholders from all types of industries with various backgrounds and experiences. This relationship guides the tempo for strategic changes and sets the tone for future features in Smart Track Service Management Methodology, Smart Track VMS and Smart Track xCHANGE.

Instrumental in instituting change

The Board works extensively with our Implementation Team, Product Managers and Solutions Group because the Innovation Summit takes place simultaneously with our Global Implementation Summit. Through these Summits, DCR develops a customer-centric direction to create transformative solutions in Smart Track and Smart Track xCHANGE so they’re instrumental in instituting change.

During the summits, DCR works closely to identify real life pain points and elicit actionable responses. We don’t want customers to come here to pat our backs (although that’s nice, too). We want them to tell us what their challenges are and where we can make improvements so their day-to-day is easier, faster, automated as much as possible.

Strategic symphony in the making

As we uncover the challenges, we also develop our overall strategic vision for our product including:

  • Feedback on our Product Roadmap
  • Recent releases
  • Constructive changes to our Sure Step Implementation Methodology for new customers
  • Up-to-the-minute micro-messaging and roll-out plan for existing customers during new feature roll-outs
  • Specifications for advanced data analytics and action steps for advanced users
  • And many other ideas we’re in the process of composing for all customers

Composing our own music

We’re definitely trendsetters. We’re still the only VMS in the industry that incorporates gamification and many other “insider only” features. Gamification was something that came about from our own team’s answer to a customer challenge, so we’re definitely composing our own answers to our customers’ challenges and needs.

While our Implementation Team is brainstorming and coming up with their own innovative ideas for future iterations, they decide to sneak into the Customer Advisory Board Innovation Summit to see what they could learn. (OK, it’s a big group, so they didn’t quite sneak in.)

Listen and absorb

Like the audience at a symphony concert, our job is to listen and absorb what’s being presented to us. We ask some important questions. Hard questions. We listen. Then we ask more questions. And listen some more.

First position

What’s in it for them? Our customers get the opportunity to beta or pilot test our new features and functions. They often determine if it has a lasting quality to move into the first position or not…or if it needs to go back to the drawing board.

As we gain insight from stakeholders, we also solidify the fact that we’re absolutely true partners in the creation process, we’re positively engrossed in soliciting their advice and we’re genuinely interested in developing a lifelong relationship with them.

Orchestrating innovation

This year, we’re ecstatic over the cutting-edge features we’ll be introducing. The sheer amount of innovative ideas we’ve received from our joint Global Implementation Team Summit and our Customer Advisory Board Innovation Summit will keep us busy orchestrating innovation for the rest of the year. When we release them, they’re going to blow you away.

To learn more about DCR’s Customer Advisory Board and our Innovation Summit, click here.

Watch our Implementation Summit Video to see what makes us the most innovative leaders in the VMS industry.

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