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DCR’s Summer Wellness Challenge Week Heats Up!

It was interesting. It was motivating. It was grueling. What was “it”? The DCR Summer Wellness Challenge.

Each year, DCRers are encouraged to participate in a different Wellness Event. This year it revolved around a week-long “challenge” where many entered but only two winners remained standing. The prize? A Fitbit (well, two) in DCR’s corporate colors of blue or orange.

Participants were in it to win it. To see them and their unique food and fitness routines, watch this:

Each day held a new challenge. For example, Meal Prep Monday, Tuesday Twinning It (workout with a partner), Wicked Wednesday Workout and Throwback Thursday (can you say “Running Man” old school?). We also combined this with a throwback wardrobe from the 80s and 90s. Friday our winners were announced at a luncheon for all participants.

The point of the Wellness event is to incorporate awareness to include wellness and healthy living in our day-to-day lives as DCR encourages all employees to follow our slogan of “Think Wellness. Be Healthy.”

Sure it might sound like it was easy – but all too often “life” gets in the way. We get busier and busier and soon we’re sitting too much or grabbing an unhealthy snack or meal.

On top of just making sure we participated in each event, we had to be creative in our fitness (have you worked out on silks?), find a workout buddy, ask people to take pictures (submit daily evidence in pics and/or videos) and, yah, do the Running Man – on video. Have YOU ever done the Running Man? I can tell you from experience that it looks easier than it is!

As we wrap up another successful event, DCR-style, I’d like to say congratulations to our winners and to ALL the participants who made this challenge a fun-tastic event. We can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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