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DCR’s Last Word on Managing Millennials

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems to me that the topic of ‘millennials in the workplace’ has been covered as often as the misdeeds of the Kardashians – and I have reached the saturation point on both topics. So you have my promise – this is the last blog that DCR will ever publish on managing millenials.

Why so strong a position? Because most of what I have read (and, I admit, we’ve even written a few of these articles) is nonsense. With each generation, psychologists, sociologists, organizational design consultants and a host of others come out of the woodwork to talk about how this new generation will change the climate of work in America. The reality is that every generation does, and every generation doesn’t!

Millennials are individuals born between the late sevenites and the start of the 21st century, 20% whom have at least one immigrant for a parent. They can’t remember a time before electronic gadgets and social networks. Let’s review some of the common claims regarding their work styles and preferences point by point:

Last Word on Managing Millennials

In writing this blog, the intent is not to disparage Millennials. Instead, it is to remind the reader that the most successful businesses are those that can recognize and engage talent, regardless of age, gender, race, location, or any other classification. Corporate culture is increasingly important when creating a high performance workforce. We encourage companies to focus on the commonalities across all workers while recognizing that demands made on employees at different stages in their lives should be accommodated whenever possible. These accommodations must apply to all. Most importantly, create situations in which people of different backgrounds – ages, genders and nationalities – are given an opportunity to learn from each other.

Your thoughts?

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