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Digital Revolution: Agile New Age Technology Is Driving “Change” by Putting People First

The workforce is becoming more fluid, technology is all around us and instant gratification and constant change is the name of the game. New technologies are the driving force behind many strategic business decisions. And you need a solution and a partner that moves as fast – or faster – than you do!

But companies that focus solely on their technology solution with tunnel vision will soon find themselves left in the dust by companies that emphasize people first with an adaptable technology to support growth and constant change. That’s why you need an agile solution, built on the latest innovations – not just an industry leader…an industry changer!

What is needed? An adaptable technology that drives change by putting people first. Check out our solution:

Today’s Needs

DCR’s VMS, Smart Track NOW, provides an innovative technology solution that is…

  • Out-of-the-box: implemented in less than one week
  • Ease of Use: works with your managers, suppliers and extended workforce seamlessly
  • Adaptable: responds to how you work ­­now, and adapts for future needs
  • Smart: teaches itself with built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Analytical: automation that prescribes strategy for you
  • Talented: skills that are complementary to your managers

It works with and for you, freeing up hundreds of human hours. And it can quickly morph and change, keeping pace with the digital revolution, growing as your business grows.

Tomorrow’s Expectations

What will you need in the future? A VMS technology that is:

  • Scalable – quickly responds to your changing needs and geographies
  • Adjustable – allowing you to turn on or turn off features
  • Flexible – so you can integrate with other systems (HRIS, financial and others) as the need changes
  • Adaptable – permitting you to easily add advanced modules (SOW/services procurement)
  • Transformative – so that can grow and scale up to enterprise-level full global capabilities
  • Responsive – it evolves if and when you need it to…FAST

This is not impossible. It’s a reality. Smart Track NOW is an agile, out-of-the-box solution for mid-market companies that does not limit you in any way. It has intelligent automation with complementary skills to work with you now and grow with you in the future, so you can keep pace with the digital revolution.

What can Smart Track NOW do for you today?

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