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Diving into the Data: Business Intelligence and Custom Reports

Reporting and analytics functionality in a Vendor Management System (VMS) have become critical in driving business decisions as billions of dollars in spend are invested in services procurement globally. The transparency this data offers can tremendously benefit your organization in many areas during the lifecycle of a non-employee.  

Smart Track VMS is known for the sheer amount of Canned Reports available – approximately 300 reports that are available instantaneously. And in addition to these reports that compare-and-contrast two data points, clients are able to dig into their data by searching any data point within Smart Track’s comprehensive database to create their own Business Intelligence and Custom Reports with multiple data points. 

Mining for business intelligence 

While you may think of this for more advanced users, it’s also a helpful feature for anyone who needs to dig into a particular set of data, generate a report and get instant answers, without going through a third-party, which could take some time.  

Here’s a brief overview of Smart Track’s Business Intelligence and Custom Report capabilities:  


As you can see, it all starts with your data sets and moves through the process of intelligence gathering, insights, making business decisions, feeling the impact through cost-savings and then evaluating and determining if you should stay on course or change direction.  

The further and deeper you go into a report, the more accurate your analysis can be. Our business intelligence tools allow you to design any type of report that you need. To give you a comparison, you may get a Canned Report that tells you how many non-employees worked on a certain project during January, which then leads to more questions such as what were the various charge numbers billed by each contractor.  

With Canned Reports, you don’t get to choose or customize your query, it is preset. Business Intelligence and Custom Reports data mining applications allow you to select what data is presented, exactly how you want it…AND you can add as many data points as you need.   

The more important question is once you have the answers to your query – what will you do with it? That is the determining factor for making strategic business decisions: taking data and putting it into action that causes a positive change.   

To take a deeper dive into Business Intelligence and Custom Reports, get the DCR DASH here. And if your current VMS doesn’t offer this type of self-managed detail, perhaps it’s time you switched providers.

Contact us at marketing@dcrworkforce.com to request a demo of Smart Track VMS to see what you’ve been missing.  


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