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On the Edge: DCR Announces its New Partnership with EdgeVerve, an Infosys Company

DCR Workforce and EdgeVerve will partner to provide new service procurement solutions for clients to avoid risk and stay compliant.

There’s nothing like a great partnership to add value for our clients. DCR Workforce is happy to announce our partnership with global leader EdgeVerve, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys, as we continue to innovate and collaborate to give our clients the best software to manage their contingent workforce and services procurement needs.

Smart Track is able to work alongside the ProcureEdge platform, which is designed to ensure higher compliance, greater risk governance and improved spend visibility in services procurement.

The ProcureEdge platform provides complete source-to-pay lifecycle and utilizes a user experience similar to business-to-consumer transactions for services procurement, so it’s very intuitive. It handles critical functions such as spend classification and analytics to identify supply chain issues.

What does this mean for you?

This partnership will enable our clients to manage their contingent workforce and non-employees in a way that avoids misclassification and other co-employment scenarios that would typically put the company at risk for non-compliance.

As the contingent workforce continually grows and the need for more specialized workers comes into play with Statement of Work projects, companies are increasingly expanding their non-employee base exponentially. In services procurement, there is a greater chance of risk for non-compliance, misclassification and co-employment than in onboarding a traditional contingent worker.

The more we work on developing partnerships with complementary resources, the more we can be your one-stop-shop for total contingent workforce management.

For more information, you can read about it in our press release “DCR Workforce Partners with EdgeVerve to Power Procurement Solutions with Increased Savings, Enhanced Compliance and Reduced Risk for Clients and get more in-depth details in our brochure “Services Procurement Solutions that go Hand-in-handso you can discover how to take your services procurement to the next level with critical functionalities.

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