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Engaging Millennials with the Use of Technology

Was Chrysler stereotyping millennials with its design of Portal, which is “designed by millennials for millennials”, offering in-vehicle wireless, fast electric charge that’s good for at least 250 miles, incredibly flexible and customizable seating? Futuristic or over the top, there’s no doubt that the generation dubbed as millennials is undoubtedly tech-savvy and can be expected to be engaged by a futuristic model of SUV.

Apart from being tech-savvy or tech-dependent, millennials are expected to be creative, resourceful and entrepreneurial. Their social interaction is more over social media and mobile connectivity than face-to-face. Millennials are used to economic uncertainties and will happily change jobs, without worrying about the larger picture. They crave self-improvement and want to do work which can change the world, on their own terms and plan to have great fun while doing so. This may also be the reason why many of them are still living with their parents while the job market is unable to fill open positions.

According to Pew Research Center, as of the first quarter of2015, millennials were the largest generation in the American workforce, and with that come a high level of influence in the workplace.

US labor force by generation, 1995-2015They’re also the future of the labor force and hence, they need employers to engage them by providing a work environment that suits their needs. One thing is for sure, they’re not daunted by technology, and they actually thrive on it. If you have millennials at your workplace or are facing high levels of millennial attrition, you may consider gaining better insight into their needs and prepare to meet them.

Learn how to manage millennials based on their characteristics and choices:

  • Technology is never static and keeps evolving and innovating for better functionality. Don’t get stuck with technologies that refuse to evolve, because millennials are very particular about work places that use only the latest technology, which in turn allows them to be better at their jobs. They may be leaving in a hurry because they’re turned off by your clunky email system, OS, or other software such as your CRM, ERP or VMS. Consider upgrading to the latest innovative versions that offer efficient user experiences; Find options that offer a viable mobile app, which is their first preference, with a seamless interface.
  • Embrace eLearning technology to train your millennials and teach them new skills to bring them up to speed
  • Be willing and prepared to personalize your products and services based on insights based on customer data, with the help of business reporting and analytics – or your millennials won’t stay committed to your workplace.
  • When you have a cross-generational workforce, encourage mutual understanding and collaboration between them based on cooperation. If your baby-boomer is technology-challenged, see if they can benefit by buddying up with a millennial.
  • If you fail to engage your tech-savvy millennial, who is a free agent by choice, you could end up being lambasted on various online forums and social media groups – with a detailed negative feedback telling everyone why they need to steer clear of your workplace. On the flip side, their positive reviews can bring in more applicants and customers your way. Similarly, they can also prove most adept at engaging your customers online, with understanding and empathy, to provide suitable responses to customer queries and complaints.

Millennials are a part of your workplace and its future. They’re going to be the major customers of your business too. So make sure you bring in the necessary technological innovations to lure them in and keep them engaged over time.

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Lalita is a people/project manager with extensive experience in operations, HCM and training and development across industries like banking, education, business consulting, BPO and information technology. She believes in a dynamic approach to life and learning as change is the only constant.