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Examining the Progress of Women in the Workplace


In the days leading up to Mother’s Day, DCR Blogs will examine the status of women – in particular, working mothers – in the workplace.

We kick off this series with What’s in Store for Working Mom on Mother’s Day?, an assessment of the progress women have made in pursuing technical and professional careers. The latest data from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that U.S. business managers average 47.5 years of age. That means that today’s business leaders represent the first generation primarily raised by working mothers. To what degree have the Baby Boomers taught their sons to accept and support women’s career success?

In the second installment, we will dig deeper into women’s inroads into careers in the high tech industry. Electronics and computing technology are pervasive, and women are the primary consumers of these products. The industry is driven by innovation. But, this has not translated into greater opportunities for women. Learn more in ‘Hi Tech: Innovative, but not Progressive’.

We continue the series with ‘Of Women and Their Careers’. Which industries employ the largest populations of women, and what subtle yet insidious practices drive women out of industries?

The final segment of this series, ‘Hurdles and Pitfalls in a Woman’s Career Growth’, focuses on companies that are proactively building programs for gender inclusion. We’ll discuss what’s working, and what’s not.

Check back tomorrow for ‘What’s in Store for Working Mom on Mother’s Day’.



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