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Five Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss Next Week’s Webinar

Large, enterprise-sized organizations: step aside for just a moment. This one is for the mid-size indirect spend companies. Hey, SMBs (Small and Mid-size Businesses): I know that one of the challenges you face every day is related to a single concept: talent. There’s no need to be ashamed; talent is the top differentiator for today’s organizations, helping to spark new product development, innovation, and ultimately, corporate growth. This was the case ten years ago, five years ago, and, yes, even today. However, there’s one wrinkle with talent today that complicates things even more for you: the rise of the Gig Economy.

The Gig Economy is a catalyst that has augmented the already-fast-paced growth of the non-employee workforce, with more and more talented professionals eschewing traditional work environments for a flexible lifestyle. Combined with the stark rise in utilization of technology, and the overarching need for you, the SMB, to have a more direct relationship with its talent, and, boom: talent engagement comes even more intricate.

I’m excited to join DCR Workforce next week for an exclusive webinar that will not only help you understand the current layout of the talent industry today, but also the forward-thinking approaches and strategies that technology platforms ( VMS’s) will take your contingent workforce management (CWM) programs into a new era. Here are five reasons you won’t want to miss the event next week:

  1. I’ll be sharing exclusive insights from my years of research that are specific to SMB organizations and how the time is now to utilize the options available to scale and grow.
  2. We’ll talk about how technology and VMS service offerings are available for SMBs and should be on your radar in the months and years ahead
  3. I’ll be joined by several other industry experts from DCR Workforce, MetaProcure and GRI on a panel discussions that will share insights on best practices that you can implement today to efficiently manage your contingent talent.
  4. You’ll learn a lot more about the cool innovations occurring at DCR – one of the industry’s top three providers of VMS technology, and;
  5. You’ll walk away from the webinar with a clear understanding of how to structure your extended workforce management programs over the next two-to-three years.

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Christopher J. Dwyer

Since 2006, Christopher J. Dwyer has been one of the world’s foremost spend management experts and leading authority on contingent workforce management, the evolution of the non-employee workforce, and the burgeoning Future of Work. He is a premier thought leader in the contingent workforce industry, authoring hundreds of research studies and evangelizing the evolution of the non-employee workforce. He is the voice behind Contingent Workforce Weekly, the industry’s first (and only) weekly podcast dedicated to this space, and has contributed hundreds of thought leadership pieces and research studies to the non-employee and talent management markets. Email him at, or follow him on Twitter (@CJD_Ardent).

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Christopher J. Dwyer is a Research Director at Ardent Partners, a Boston-based supply management research and advisory firm. He is considered a thought leader in the contingent workforce management industry with recognition from HRO Today as an “Analyst and Advisor Superstar” in 2013, 2014, and 2015, as well as from Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine (named as a “Pro to Know” in 2013). He is a premier thought leader in this industry, authoring hundreds of research studies and evangelizing the evolution of the non-employee workforce, its technology platforms, and the concept of the “future of work.” He welcomes your comments at, on LinkedIn or Twitter (@CJD_Ardent). Visit to read more of his research.