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Full Speed Ahead to Holistic Total Talent Management

For many years, there was a line in the sand when it came to the difference between full-time employee and extended worker – whether freelancer, contractor or other “gig” type worker. But recently, that has shifted. Not the legal compliance obligations, just the way that now the extended workforce is treated more strategically.

The past five or so years have brought the total number of extended workers to 38% of the workforce, and that number is expected to continue to grow. As the numbers grow, organizations will require enhanced visibility into their total talent pool to make more intelligent decisions, reduce spend, align people with projects, improve processes and get better data.

To handle all this effectively, most organizations – both large and small – are turning to a Total Workforce Management (TWM) operating model with a cross-functional and centralized recruitment process.

As with anything new, there are myriad complexities, numerous facets and multiple layers of strategies to consider. Ardent Partners, in conjunction partially with DCR Workforce, has produced “The Modern Guide to Total Workforce Management” to help you through the maze of challenging decisions.

Pick up the guide and see why:

  • The crux of total talent management lies in on-demand talent engaged in real-time
  • Technology must be integrated to speak with each other for optimal results
  • Applying rigorous human capital management principals will improve the overall experience
  • What action items will make the most difference in your program

Total talent management represents the next wave in the future of work. Make sure your business is on board and going full steam ahead.

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