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The Future of Change: DCR’s idealab

The pace of change is exponential, creating a need for companies to build core competencies in envisioning the future and developing technology that provides customers with long-term competitive advantage. At DCR, we’re committed to combining technologies and services to enable clients to manage their non-employee workforces in ways previously not possible. Our dedication to innovation is self-evident in the sheer number of industry “firsts” available in our technology.

We encourage our teams to break away from conventional thinking to identify areas that have the power to shape the industry. We bring together business analysts, developers, industry experts, software engineers and data scientists to creatively collaborate on designing practical data-driven solutions that simplify the complexities our clients face.

DCR idealab provides a forum for data-driven origination. It’s a hub where we think broadly about the potential applications for disruptive technologies, build an innovation roadmap and rapidly prototype new technology.

Watch the video below to learn about DCR’s idealab and our collaborative, data-driven approach to invention. And stay tuned to see what new cool product innovations are coming out of DCR idealab this year.

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